The Daily Show Highlights The Media Butthurt Over #Kony2012

It's sort of remarkable to think that the whole Joseph Kony sh*tshow unfolded on the internet just as the Daily Show was wrapping up its work last week on Thursday.


Meme Watch: The Internet Turns #Kony2012 Into A Cringe Humor Meme In Record Time


You've probably been reading "KONY 2012" and similar slogans this week after a video posted by a questionable charity brought scrutiny to legitimately terrible warlord Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

ugandan warlords

What The Hell Is All This '#Kony2012' Crap About?


Yesterday I, like many of you probably did, woke up to find my Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook feeds filled with the word "Kony.

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