Josh Hamilton Reportedly Relapsed With Cocaine And May Face A Lengthy Suspension

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The Angels outfielder is reportedly struggling with substance-abuse addiction once again, but is baseball about to levy a long suspension?


Josh Hamilton Agrees To $125 Million Deal With Angels

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The spending habits of the Los Angeles Angels are redefining what the word "reckless" really means.


Josh Hamilton Will Not Stop Murdering The Baltimore Orioles

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Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers has hit six home runs in the series against the Baltimore Orioles, including Tuesday's game wherein he became only the sixth player in the history of the American League to hit four homers in a single game.


Josh Hamilton Makes History With Four Home Runs In One Game

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Josh Hamilton joined one of the burliest clubs in all of professional sports Tuesday night, as the Texas Rangers center-fielder clobbered four home runs against the Baltimore Orioles.


5.9 The Cooler

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Johanie Taylor 10 Things You Might Not Know About Maurice Sendak [Mental Floss] How Do You Want It.


A Recap In Pictures: The World Series Game 6

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  My buddy texted me this morning to ask what Game 6 looked like through the eyes of a St.


Josh Hamilton’s $500,000 Grand Slam

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In the midst of a pennant race for the AL West, Josh Hamilton has had more pressure hanging over him than helping his team take another crack at winning the World Series.


The Dugout: Cuba, Texas, Same Thing

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The Texas Rangers have been one of my favorite teams for almost as long as I’ve been a fan of baseball.


Iowa’s Leading Receiver Is A Kingpin?

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Iowa City police officers were conducting an investigation on 21-year old Brady Johnson near the University of Iowa this week when they uncovered quite the Hawkeyes football scandal.



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If you heard a big thud anywhere in Arizona back in March, it might have been Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton falling off the wagon, as suggested by the latest photos to pop up on Deadspin.

Willie Bloomquist

TSS 2009 MLB Preview: MVP’s & Patrick M.’s Four-Five

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Let’s be honest -- baseball games themselves can be pretty freaking boring.



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To go with this morning's ensmartening written recap, here's video of Josh Hamilton's record-breaking first round at last night's Home Run Derby.



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The Rangers' Great Druggy Hambino Josh Hamilton stole the show even if he didn't win it last night during the Home Run Derby, launching a record 28 [homespun term for home run]s in the opening round though ultimately coming up short in the finals against Justin Morneau.



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AL -- It's the set-up for a schlocky baseball movie: the young slugger and recovering drug addict steps to the plate, two outs in the bottom of the ninth, his team behind by a run with one man on, facing the best closer in the game.

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