UCLA blew it last night

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Understand that six days out of seven, I'd rather watch college basketball than the NBA; that I've been a Georgetown fan since I was a kid; and as a West Coast native, I'm both loyal and defensive when it comes to the Pac-10.

Tyrese Rice

Still waiting by the phone…

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Every year, in every draft, there's a player or two or four who falls farther than expected.


March Madness Update: Villanova destroys UCLA

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VILLANOVA 89, UCLA 69 Back in October, I interviewed Villanova PG Scottie Reynolds for Dime's college basketball preview.


The Longest Day of the Year

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As our March Madness live-blogger put it at the beginning of Dime's all-out Big Dance coverage, Thursday was one of the few "guy days" of the calendar year -- like the Super Bowl, only since it starts in the middle of the workday, you've got people sneaking TV's into the office, hitting the "Boss Button" on their monitors and stashing live-streaming iPhones in desk drawers.

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