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Jeff Zucker Is Planning Big Changes At CNN. Here Are 5 Ways He Can Fix The Network.

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Former NBC president Jeff Zucker is planning a shake up at CNN and we try to help with some productive tips.


‘Drawing D*cks On The Herald Sun’ Is The Future Of Journalism

By | 9 Comments

The name of the Facebook group says it all: "Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun." Beautiful, really.


Dear Rapper: A Journalist’s Guide To Being The Subject Of A Feature Interview

By | 32 Comments

The increase of Indie and DIY artists has meant that more acts are using guerrilla and play-it-by-ear approaches to building their respective brands.


Video Game Journalism Class Premieres At The University of Iowa

By | 5 Comments

IGN and The University of Iowa have partnered to offer a video game journalism class which started its first semester last week, and we know what's on the syllabus.

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Five Basic Scientific Realities All Journalists Need to Understand

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Every time you get science wrong, Satan inserts a typo into your copy. Honest.

doing it wrong

Journalists Screw Up Science Story. Again.


You know, my father is a journalist.


Five "Science Reports" We're Tired Of Seeing

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Here's the problem with major news outlets covering science: they have to pick the stories that grab the attention of people essentially disinterested in science, and they often have non-scientists trying to explain to other non-scientists what that science actually means and its practical application.


No, You’re Not a Journalist Just Because You Say You Are

By | 2 Comments

We usually take the side of the Internet when some blogger gets sued out of existence, but sometimes, the blogger is a total moron.

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