Jordan Crawford May Have Said Something Naughty To Carmelo Anthony


NBA 6th Man of the Year JR Smith said that if he hadn’t been suspended for Game 4 of the first round of the New York Knicks playoff matchup against the Boston Celtics, he’d be playing golf right now.


With Leather's Watch This: Our Favorite Exotic Dancers Say Goodbye To Tim Tebow

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By now, we all know that Tim Tebow was unceremoniously released by the New York Jets after what can best be described as one pooptastic season with the team.


J.R. Smith Sinks His Second Game-Winning Shot Of The Month

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Don't look now, but Earl Smith is currently having his best season ever as a pro.


10 Amazing Sports Predictions For This Week

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I think we all need to take a seat, maybe form a circle and just relax for a few minutes.


ROFLMNBAO: The 2011-12 Season Awards Edition!

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I took a couple weeks off from doing these here ROFLMNBAO posts for two reasons: 1) because the last two weeks of the season were soooooo boring and B) I forgot.


NBA Christmas Day Gives You Kobe vs. LeBron In Your Stocking

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'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the League, Not a player was playing, not even Jeff Teague.


Paul Pierce puts his signature on Boston’s 14th straight win

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Don't be surprised when, before the February trade deadline, Miami and Orlando are attached to trade rumors involving guys like Jodie Meeks and Lou Williams.


Manu of the Match: Ginobili is the hero in another instant classic

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While the NBA was still buzzing from the Knicks/Celtics craziness, the Nuggets and Spurs went out and topped the East Coasters in terms of sheer insanity and drama at the end.


NBA Trade Rumors: Sebastian Telfair to New York, J.R. Smith to Chicago

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As the Lakers/Nets/Rockets trade yesterday opened the door for another round of Carmelo Anthony rumors and scenarios, it also inevitably led to further discussion on the future of J.


Pistons/Hawks party like it’s 2005; Bynum returns for Lakers

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We know everybody is trying to push this renewed Celtics/Knicks rivalry (or whatever Paul Pierce wants to call it), and we appreciate NBA TV giving us some 1985 Celtics/Knicks action during the workday yesterday.


Chauncey Billups (wrist) out for one week

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Talented as they are, the Denver Nuggets (14-9) just seem to have too much "stuff" going on around the team to realistically contend for an NBA championship in 2011.

#Chris Paul

Dime #61: Chris Paul Tells His Side of the Story

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I feel like I've grown up at Dime alongside Chris Paul.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 12.2

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Beast of the Night: Russell Westbrook finished with a gaudy 38 points, 15 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 steals and 5 turnovers in a triple-overtime victory over the Nets last night. He shot 44 percent (14-32) from the field and 71 percent (10-14) from the line, but those mediocre percentages and the lack of a three-pointer aren't too hard to forgive, given his other stats.


Clash of the Titans (and Texans): 5 Memorable NBA Brawls

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Considering the violent and aggressive nature of football -- American football, that is -- it's a wonder you don't see more incidents like the brawl between Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson and Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan that stole NFL headlines yesterday.


Knicks/Pistons bring back the ’80s; Lakers upset despite Kobe’s 41

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Raymond Felton could've gone to sleep immediately after the Knicks' double-overtime win in Detroit -- where he seriously did look like he was going to drop at any moment -- and he would still be tired and sick.

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