Ryan Reynolds

‘Highlander’ Reboot Seeks Tom Cruise To Be Their Sean Connery. Ryan Reynolds Bails.

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Summit and Lionsgate have an unlikely wish list for the 'Highlander' reboot, and Ryan Reynolds has bailed.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Is Your New Highlander

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We’ve known since 2008 that the Highlander franchise was being rebooted, and we learned last year that the newest tale of the MacLeod clan was being rushed into production.


This is what The Crow reboot with Brad Cooper was supposed to look like

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You may remember last April when Relativity Media was negotiating with Bradley Cooper to star in a "reboot" of The Crow, which was somehow going to reinvent the franchise by being darker and grittier™ than the original, despite starring a guy who looks like he just fell off a sailboat in Connecticut.


“28 Weeks Later” Director Up For “Highlander”?


"Highlander" is one of the goofiest movies the '80s ever put out: we're pretty sure it only got approved because Queen agreed to do the soundtrack.

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The Crow remake to star goth icon Brad Cooper

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In a story with at least three levels of sucking, The Hangover's Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to star in a remake of The Crow.



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I just wanted to let you all know that it's totally safe to stop wearing your seat belts, going to church or continuing your leukemia treatment, because thanks to another video game film adaptation, the world will soon be safe again.

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