Judge Judy — Who Makes $47 Million A Year — Just Signed A Contract Through 2020

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$47 million for 52 days of work for five more years? Where do we apply to be Judge Judy?


Watch Someone Awkwardly Explain What Grindr Is To Judge Judy

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Someone had to explain what Grindr is to Judge Judy.


Lots Of People Are Watching ‘Judge Judy’ Each Day. Who The Hell Are These People?

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Who is watching daytime television, and why does Judge Judy make so much money?

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Lie Witness News: Judge Judy Appointed to Supreme Court


Jimmy Kimmel asks people on the street what they think about President Obama's decision to appoint Judge Judy to the Supreme Court.


6.11 The Cooler

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Draya Michele 3 Dead, 3 Wounded In Shooting Near Auburn University [CNN] 8 Songs You Didn't Know Hit-Boy Produced [Broken Cool] How The UFC Ran The Most Successful Spotify Campaign In History [Mashable] Pete Rock Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of “Mecca And The Soul Brother” [...].


Judge Judy Drives Woman to Violence. Only in Florida

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If you're a 62-year-old lady hanging out in your living room watching "Judge Judy," and the judge says something that upsets you, the natural reaction -- OBVIOUSLY -- is to bludgeon the old man sitting next to you in the head, right.


INFOGRAPHIC: Judge Judy’s Empire

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Judith Sheindlin isn't just a no-nonsense broad with a gavel: she's a real judge adjudicating real lawsuits, and the cases she handles draw more viewers than any other daytime television show.

Two And A Half Men

Judge Judy Gets $45 Million a Year

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TV Guide has released a list of what the top television stars earn, and while the recession and lower revenues have forced networks to pay some stars less, looking nice and pretending to be someone else on camera still beats the hell out of that master's degree you got in social work just to make $40,000 a year.

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