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About The Controversial ‘Seinfeld’ Episode That Never Aired, Which Featured Kramer’s Original First Name

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In a early-season episode of 'Seinfeld' that was scrapped because it was too provocative, Larry Charles had actually given Kramer a different first name.

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Celebrate 25 Years Of ‘Seinfeld’ With The 25 Most Useful ‘Seinfeld’ GIFs

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"Seinfeld" turns 25 this Saturday, so let's have a look at 25 of the show's most useful GIFs.


Here’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Joe Biden’s Hilarious Team-Up From The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer from 'VEEP' teams up with the real Veep to skip out on the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

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Here’s That ‘Kathy Griffin In A Bra’ Photo You Asked For. You’re Welcome.

By | 19 Comments

Kathy Griffin posted a selfie in her bra while getting ready for last night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.


On The 25th Anniversary Of NBC’s ‘The More You Know’, Let’s Look Back At The Most Spoofed PSA Ever

By | 3 Comments

On the 25th anniversary of 'The More You Know', let's take a look back at some of the most famous campaigns and funniest spoofs.


Watch The New Teaser For The Bleepity Effing Fantastic Third Season Of 'Veep'

By | 5 Comments

HBO's latest teaser trailer for season three of 'Veep' outlines where the season is heading this year.


‘Suck It, George Washington’: ‘Veep’ Season 3 Has A Glorious New Poster

By | 4 Comments

The only thing that makes me happier than the new Veep Season 3 poster is how Julia Louis-Dreyfuss unveiled it to the world on Twitter.


Watch Larry David, Amy Poehler, Aaron Paul, And More Read Mean Tweets About Themselves On ‘Kimmel’

By | 46 Comments

For the fifth installment that ran last night we're treated to so, so many UPROXX favorites.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Performed An Emmy-Worthy Coffee Shop Meltdown For Jimmy Kimmel

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Fresh off yet another Emmy win Julia Louis-Dreyfus popped over to JKL to film a fantastic coffee shop meltdown.

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Audiences Want More Of James Gandolfini As ‘Enough Said’ Earns A Wider Release

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The very last little tidbit that I left off of this morning’s box office recap actually deserves its own post because the news is sort of bittersweet.


Here’s The Trailer For ‘Enough Said’, A Rom-Com Starring James Gandolfini & Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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James Gandolfini seems perfect in Enough Said, the beard really does something for him, and he & JLD really do seem to have genuine chemistry.


Amy Poehler And Julia Louis-Dreyfus Want Prince To Run For President In 2016

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Amy Poehler to Prince: "Julia and I are ready to dance behind [you] when [you] run for president in 2016."

The Most Vicious Take Down From Tonight’s Episode Of ‘Veep’

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Congressman Furlong has some choice words for his assistant (played by Nelson Franklin) in the 'Veep' season 2 episode, 'Signals.'

The Most Vicious Take Down From The ‘Veep’ Season 2 Premiere


'Veep's' Vice President Selina Meyer has a few choice words for the President's new right-hand man, played by Gary Cole.


Where Have You Seen The Cast Of ‘Veep’ Before?

By | 23 Comments

Get to know the cast of 'Veep' ahead of Sunday's second season premiere.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus Discusses Her Favorite Filthy Lines From ‘Veep,’ Cusses At Jay Leno

By | 18 Comments

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, star of HBO's "Veep," discusses some of her favorite profanity-filled lines from the show.


Nightmare Fuel Validated: The Veep Mascot Is A Guest Racing President

By | 2 Comments

Out of context, that's the most "Yahoo Serious Festival" headline I've ever written.

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‘Veep’s’ New Street Marketing Campaign Is NIGHTMARE FUEL

By | 10 Comments

HBO's "Veep" is promoting their second season by having a woman in a huge, grotesque Julia Louis-Dreufus head run around Washington.

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