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How Many Actors Behind The Ever-Changing Rusty And Audrey Griswolds Can You Name?

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Somebody cue up "Holiday Road," because we're checking-in with the Griswold offspring.

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Johnny Cash Warmed Tarantino To ‘Natural Born Killers’ And Other Things You Might Not Know About The Film

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Quentin Tarantino and Coca-Cola might not have been a fan of 'NBK' but the Man in Black loved it.


That Lana Del Rey Person Was Impossibly Awful On SNL Last Night

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Inspired by the emergence of Kreayshawn, or more precisely the inability to wrap one's brain around it, my friend Edith wrote, in an essay for the New York Times that was published back in November, the following: "The Internet is a new kind of barometer for keeping track of exactly how old you feel: how many things you don’t get, how many mini-Internet worlds you can’t find the door to; exactly how many crickets in the world you can no longer hear chirping.


Sh*t Girls Say: The Web Series > The Twitter Account


Sh*t Girls Say, the popular novelty Twitter account, has 50K+ loyal followers who like to get updated roughly once a day with a short throwaway phrase that they've definitely heard a girl say at some point.


3.29 The Cooler

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Royce Reed Oprah’s Last Episode Will Air in May [GOT] Nintendo 3DS Guide [G4TV] A Super Low-Budget Wolverine Costume [BuzzFeed] The Secret Behind Taco Bell's Tasty Tiny Shrimp [Creative Loafing] Greatest '80s TV Catchphrases, From 'Cheers' to 'Ninja Turtles' [TV Squad] Pole Dancing for Jesus: Has [...].

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At long last we have a trailer from Whip It, Drew Barrymore's directorial debut about a girl (Ellen Page) who doesn't want to be in beauty pageants so she joins the roller derby.

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