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In Which We Rank The Top 10 Gunslingers From Our Favorite TV Shows

By | 64 Comments

If you watch television, chances are you have a favorite TV gunslinger. See how your favorite gunslinger stacks up against the rest.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘You Were Born To Lose. Lose Well For Once.’

By | 138 Comments

All your GIFs and highlights from last night's episode, after one very important question.


Kendal Takes A Ride On This Week's 'Justified'

By | 18 Comments

A GIF recap of tonight's Kendal centric 'Justified'


What's On Tonight: On 'Justified,' A Crowe Goes Missing

By | 21 Comments

Tonight's highlights include 'Justified,' and a DVR clusterf**k at 9:30.


Let’s Go Across The Border On This Week’s ‘Justified’

By | 26 Comments

Turns out Mexicans aren't the only thing Boyd hates about Mexico.


The 10 Best Streaming TV Series Exclusive To Amazon Prime Instant, Ranked

By | 51 Comments

Ten great television series that you can't get on Netflix, only Amazon Prime Instant


‘Justified’ Refresher: Let’s Talk About That Thing That Happened On The Tarmac Last Season

By | 40 Comments

Since "Justified" was off this week, let's take a moment and remember what exactly happened on the tarmac last seen that has Art furious at Raylan today.


What’s On Tonight: Not ‘Justified,’ I’m Afraid

By | 33 Comments

'Justified' is taking the week off. Use your time wisely.


The Star Of National Geographic’s Reality Show ‘Snake Salvation’ Died Yesterday From A Snake Bite

By | 28 Comments

Straight out of an episode of last season's 'Justified,' a snake-handling preacher died from a snake bite after refusing treatment.


Enemies Become Friends On This Week’s ‘Justified’

By | 13 Comments

A GIF recap of the Justified season 5 episode "Kill the Messenger."

art mullen forever

‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘An Unpredictable Man Can Be Unpredictable’

By | 199 Comments

Last night's episode of "Justified," titled "Shot All To Hell," was an eventful, blood-soaked tour de force. Art Mullen today, Art Mullen forever.


All The Plans Go Awry On This Week’s ‘Justified’

By | 50 Comments

An immediate GIF recap of the Justified season 5 episode "Shot All to Hell."


Timothy Olyphant From ‘Justified’ Explains Why He Won’t Let His Kids Play Football, Shares His Diagnosis For OJ Simpson

By | 12 Comments

Justified star Timothy Olyphant revealed why he wouldn't let his kids play organized football, and what he thinks might be wrong with OJ Simpson.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘And Suppose… He Just Went Fishing’

By | 97 Comments

Last night's "Justified" featured creepy prison guards, big mean dogs, and a Scrabble game for the ages. Among other things.


9 TV Characters Who Valiantly Survived Ann Perkins Syndrome

By | 38 Comments

Ahead of Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe's departure from 'Parks and Recreation,' here's a look at a few other characters who survived Ann Perkins syndrome.


Dewey Is Not Good With A Shovel On This Week’s ‘Justified’

By | 30 Comments

An immediate GIF recap of the 'Justified' episode "Over the Mountain."

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