Let's Go Over That Explosive Scene From This Week's 'Justified'

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Once again, Boyd steals the show on this week's 'Justified'.


UPROXX 20: Walton Goggins Doesn't Twitter

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Walton Goggins, AKA Boyd Crowder from Justified, was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.


15 Fascinating Facts About HBO's 'Deadwood' In Honor Of The 10th Anniversary Of Its Premiere

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HBO's 'Deadwood' debuted 10 years ago today. Here are 15 awesome facts about the profanity-fueled drama and the town it was set in.


'Justified' Discussion: 'Golden Times For Dewey Crowe'

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Last night's "Justified" featured the triumphant return of Dickie Bennett and his hair.


Here Are This Week's 'Justified' GIFs

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Dead dogs, missing dope, and Dickie Bennet; this week’s Justified had it all.


An Important Season-By-Season Guide To Boyd Crowder's Hair On 'Justified'

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Boyd Crowder's hair might be the best part of "Justified." Here is the tribute and analysis it deserves.


10 Things You Might Not Know About The Wonderful Women Of ‘Justified’

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The women of Justified are universally smart, tough, and beautiful. Let's get to know them a little better.


'Justified' Discussion: 'Reason Not The Need, Marshal'

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Here's your recap of last night's episode of "Justified," "Wrong Roads," in which we met the Ghost of Raylan Future.


All The GIFs From Last Night's 'Justified'

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Here's the GIFs from the packed 'Justified' episode "Wrong Roads"

#brooklyn nine nine

What's On Tonight: Full Boyle Is Back!

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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and 'New Girl' are both new, with new Justified and Jason Bateman on Letterman.


For The 10th Anniversary Of ‘Deadwood,’ HBO Will Air All 36 Episodes In A Boozy, Foul Mouthed Marathon

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Ten years flies by, but it would seem that it is time to look back fondly on one of the best shows that ended too soon.


In Which We Rank The Top 10 Gunslingers From Our Favorite TV Shows

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If you watch television, chances are you have a favorite TV gunslinger. See how your favorite gunslinger stacks up against the rest.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘You Were Born To Lose. Lose Well For Once.’

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All your GIFs and highlights from last night's episode, after one very important question.


Kendal Takes A Ride On This Week's 'Justified'

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A GIF recap of tonight's Kendal centric 'Justified'


What's On Tonight: On 'Justified,' A Crowe Goes Missing

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Tonight's highlights include 'Justified,' and a DVR clusterf**k at 9:30.


Let’s Go Across The Border On This Week’s ‘Justified’

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Turns out Mexicans aren't the only thing Boyd hates about Mexico.


The 10 Best Streaming TV Series Exclusive To Amazon Prime Instant, Ranked

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Ten great television series that you can't get on Netflix, only Amazon Prime Instant


‘Justified’ Refresher: Let’s Talk About That Thing That Happened On The Tarmac Last Season

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Since "Justified" was off this week, let's take a moment and remember what exactly happened on the tarmac last seen that has Art furious at Raylan today.


What’s On Tonight: Not ‘Justified,’ I’m Afraid

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'Justified' is taking the week off. Use your time wisely.

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