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Report: Justin Bieber Has Been ‘Non-Stop Crying’ Since The N-Word Scandal Broke

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Has Justin Bieber really been crying since the fallout of the N-word scandal? We can only hope!


Listen To Seth Rogen’s Hilarious Rant On Howard Stern’s Show Explaining His Hatred Of Justin Bieber

By | 21 Comments

When Seth Rogen visited Howard Stern's Sirius show, he deliciously did not hold back when asked about his previous remarks about Justin Bieber.

patrick carney

Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Spent The Past Few Days Trolling The Sh*t Out Of Justin Bieber And His Fans

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Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has taken Justin Bieber's identity on Twitter. As you can probably imagine, the Beliebers are PISSED.

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