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Nobody’s Buying Justin Bieber’s And Taylor Swift’s Cheap Perfumes Anymore


Elizabeth Arden blamed Justin Bieber's and Taylor Swift's poor fragrance sales for a significant drop in revenue and stock prices.

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Justin Bieber To Dads: Be Thankful That I Could Totally Bang Your Daughter If I Wanted To


Allow me to translate this commercial for Justin Bieber's vagina perfume for you.

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Justin Bieber Sleepwalks Through Letterman Top Ten To Promote His New Vagina Perfume

Floppy-haired entertainment bot Justin Bieber was on Letterman last night to promote his new perfume with the vagina-like packaging, and there was just something kinda weird about it.

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Things I Saw On The Internet Today That I Want Really Bad


Each day I spend hours wandering around the Internet, and often I run across things that I find myself wanting really bad.

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