The FilmDrunk Frotcast 2014: Only The Best Parts

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One brave listener took all his favorite parts of the Frotcast from 2014 and edited it into one massive Frotcast.


Frotcast 211: ‘They Came Together’ With Justin Halpern

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Justin Halpern drops by the Frotquarters to discuss 'They Came Together' and the creepy island where Disney child actors come from.

#Writers Room

Writer’s Room: What’s Your Dealbreaker Movie?

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I asked a round table of my favorite writers to list their "Dealbreaker Movie," a movie opinion that they could absolutely not tolerate in a potential significant other.


LIVE Q & A With ‘Surviving Jack’s Justin Halpern

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Ask Justin Halpern anything you want to and he'll answer. Seriously, dude's f*ckin' crazy.


Join Our Live Q & A With 'Surviving Jack's Justin Halpern Tomorrow

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Join us tomorrow for a live Q & A with Justin Halpern. Everyone gets laid!


Frotcast 197: Justin Halpern of ‘Sh*t My Dad Says,’ ‘Surviving Jack’

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Justin Halpern stops by the Frotcast to talk about his new sitcom, and about Pat Robertson saying Jews are too busy polishing diamonds to work on their cars.

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The One New Show You Must Watch If You Ever Want Network TV To Start Sticking Its Finger Up Your Butt

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Justin Halpern explains why watching 'Enlisted' is the only way to get network television to stop screwing in the missionary position.


Frotcast: Best of the Frotcast 2013!

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Celebrate all your favorite FilmDrunk Frotcast segments with the Best of 2013 Frotcast. Remember when Matt Lieb discovered quicksand porn?

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Justin Halpern Explains Why Standards And Practices Won’t Let You Say ‘Blumpkin’ on TV

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Television writer (and the guy behind Sh** My Dad Says') reveals that Standards and Practices often refers to the Urban Dictionary.


Writer’s Room: Scenes We Never Want to See Again

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Do you ever go to the movies and find yourself immersed in a story, when all of a sudden a dumb scene happens and drags you out of your cocoon of fiction by your pant leg.


Justin Halpern’s Guide to Making Your Own Summer Movie Blockbuster

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With Iron Man 3 opening to $175 million over the weekend, the summer movie season has officially begun (officially according to me).

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Christopher Meloni Will Star In The New Fox Show From Bill Lawrence And Justin Halpern

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Former "Law & Order: SVU" star Christopher Meloni has been cast as the lead in the new Fox comedy from Bill Lawrence and Justin Halpern, based on Halpern's book "I Suck At Girls."


Fox Picked Up New Shows From Seth MacFarlane And Bill Lawrence

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Fox picked up pilots from Seth MacFarlane and Bill Lawrence and Justin Halpern yesterday.


Writer’s Room: Audiences More Entertaining Than the Movie

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Look, we've all been there: you're sitting there watching a mediocre movie, let's say Spider-Man 3, and on screen, emo Peter Parker is in the midst of shoving Mary Jane down on the floor.

Wonder Woman

Ranking The Potential Of 5 New TV Pilot Commitments

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Several high-profile tv pilot commitments were announced yesterday, and we rank the potential of them from worst to first.

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