‘Pacific Rim 2′ Is Official And It Isn’t Arriving Alone According To Guillermo Del Toro

By | 15 Comments

We're officially getting 'Pacific Rim 2' in 2017 and a lot more to lead the way until then!

hooray for urban renewal

Godzilla Will Stomp Cities On Game Consoles Once Again

By | 4 Comments

The Big G is returning to game consoles to crush Tokyo, and Osaka, and Kyoto, and...


5 Reasons Godzilla Is The Most Likeable Movie Character Of The Year So Far

By | 35 Comments

The new Godzilla movie may not be perfect, but Godzilla himself is one loveable gargantuan scamp.


Review: ‘Godzilla’ Is A Movie More Admirable Than Likeable

By | 33 Comments

'Godzilla' is a movie full of handsomely shot destruction... and deeply afraid you won't take it seriously.


Godzilla: A Viewer’s Guide To Every ‘Godzilla’ Movie

By | 30 Comments

There are twenty nine Godzilla movies for your viewing pleasure. Here, we guide you to the good ones, as well as the really, really funny ones.


Godzilla Throws His Weight Around In A New Clip

By | 10 Comments

Godzilla proves he's the master of misdirection in this new clip.


Godzilla Stomps All Over Empire On Its New Cover

By | 3 Comments

Godzilla gets his cover shot and he's looking good in this new image.


Check Out The Skinemax Version Of ‘Pacific Rim’: ‘Earth Defense Widow’

By | 7 Comments

'Earth Defense Widow' finally combines giant monsters and Cinemax softcore the way God intended.


Honest Trailers Tackles ‘Awesome Dumb Robot Movie’ (AKA ‘Pacific Rim’)

By | 13 Comments

Was 'Pacific Rim' the most awesome dumb movie ever made, or the dumbest awesome movie ever made?

giant monsters

5 Reasons ‘Pacific Rim’ Fails As A Kaiju Movie

By | 79 Comments

Pacific Rim is an alright movie, it's just not a great giant monster movie...


In Which ‘Pacific Rim’ Inspires Us To Explain Giant Monster Movies

By | 17 Comments

Hazy on what a kaiju is? Not sure why a big-budget big-monster movie is a big deal? We explain the kaiju film, and where 'Pacific Rim' fits in.

giant monsters

Godzilla GIFs Are Here To Trash Your Tuesday

By | 6 Comments

Having a bad Tuesday? Bask in the reflected glory of urban destruction with these Godzilla GIFs.


‘Pacific Rim’ Will Be Getting Its Own Fighting Game

By | 5 Comments

'Pacific Rim' will be letting you get in on the hot Kaiju-wrestling action.

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