And The Winner Of The Andrew Wiggins Sweepstakes Is…

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<a href=""></a>Sholten Singer/The Herald-Dispatch The most coveted high school basketball player in recent history made his decision today.


March Madness: From Selection Sunday To Bracket Monday

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Rule number one about filling out your NCAA Tournament bracket is to never, ever talk sh*t.


UPDATE: The New Adidas NCAA Tournament Uniforms Are Definitely Something

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Yesterday, we mentioned that <a href="">Adidas was teasing NCAA men’s basketball fans on Twitter</a> with small glimpses of some special new Adizero uniforms that eight teams would be wearing in the NCAA Tournament this year.

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With Leather's Watch This: Please Bring Back 'Battle Of The Network Stars'

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I know you will all be watching Monday Night Raw on the heels of last week’s “Not terrible” show, especially since The Rock will be appearing tonight to say witty things that people repeat in unison.


The Most Important Movement Of 2013 Is Alive: @Boobs Accounts Are Bouncing All Over!

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Yesterday, <a href="">before all of the awesomeness went down</a> and our brains collectively melted and boiled until nothing was left, we briefly discussed the rise of <a href="">the popular Twitter account @KUboobs</a>, <a href="">which celebrates Kansas Jayhawks basketball with breasts</a>.


God Bless The Internet: KU Boobs Makes The Kansas Jayhawks No. 1 In Our Book

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I have a confession to make - since my favorite NCAA men's basketball team, UCF, is currently serving a one-year postseason ban for all sorts of cheating goodness, I've been a little less than enthusiastic about the 2012-13 season.

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Olivia Wilde Gave The Jayhawks ‘Some Pointers’, Us The Easiest Joke Of 2013

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Okay, well technically it was the easiest joke of 2012, because Olivia Wilde attended the Kansas Jayhawks’ 89-57 drubbing of American University this past Saturday night.

NCAA Tournament

Kentucky 67, Kansas 59: The NCAA National Championship Game In Pictures

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There was a point in the second half of last night’s NCAA men’s basketball championship game that I found myself wondering, “Hey self, is this game on track to become what most people on the Twitters will call one of the worst national championship games in recent history.


Kentucky Wildcats, Calipari Become NCAA Champs Again

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The 2012 iteration of March Madness ended in the most logical way possible: John Calipari cutting down a basketball net in New Orleans.


Open Thread: The NCAA Final Four

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College basketball is a glimmering reminder of why we love sports.


The With Leather Dummy's Guide To The NCAA Final Four


I can’t believe the Final Four is already here.


Right-Click, Save And Photoshop This UNC Fan

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With the NCAA Men’s Final Four field determined, there’s not much of a point in recapping the weekend’s action, because with the exception of Saturday’s early game – Louisville 72, Florida 68 – there wasn’t a great deal of suspense to break down and analyze with fart jokes and pictures of kittens dressed like Harry Potter.

NCAA Tournament

It’s Funny Because Bill Self Sucks In The Tournament

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How bad of a coach in March is Bill Self of Kansas.


Great, It’s Another Flash Mob

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On Monday, the Kansas Jayhawks whooped the stripes off the Missouri Tigers to the tune of 103-86.


Gene Chizik, Step To The Head Of The Class

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There haven't been many more head-scratching hirings in college football than that of Gene Chizik, and it wasn't just because of the name, which is just one letter short of resembling a horrible draw in "Scrabble.



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Northern Iowa <a href="">just knocked Kansas out of the NCAA tournament</a>, a shocking upset that makes Ohio's first-round win over Georgetown look like the smallest of potatoes.



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This will be the only time that "must-see missed free throw" is ever used on this site, but here it is: Brady Morningstar (of the Lawrence Morningstars, of course) steps up to shoot a free throw for a technical foul against Texas yesterday.

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