Kansas Is Auctioning Off Dildos And Vibrators To Help Boost Its Faltering Economy

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The state is hoping to recoup lost funds with a collection of sex toys. Hot!

#Star Wars

A Man Dressed As A Stormtrooper Caused Some People In Kansas To Overreact

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Some citizens were alarmed when they saw a Stormtrooper with a rifle walking around, so they called the cops to fend off the Empire.


Here’s The Clip Of Stephen Colbert Singing ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ From ‘Strangers With Candy’ You’re Looking For

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Before "The Colbert Report," there was Stephen Colbert covering Kansas on "Strangers with Candy."


Someone Posted A Craigslist Ad Offering A Wedding Ring For Chiefs-Broncos Tickets


In a very vague and random Craigslist post, someone offered a diamond wedding band for tickets to Sunday's Chiefs-Broncos game.


Kindly Christians Politely Refuse To Tip Their 'Fag' Waiter At Carrabba's Because He's Gay

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Sadly, this is not a line from an Onion article: "We hope you will see the tip your fag choices made you lose out on, and plan accordingly."


High School Volleyball Star Brie Lewis Can Beat You Sitting Down


Video: Kansas HS volleyball star Brie Lewis made two great saves in the same volley, saving the ball with her thigh and then kicking it from her butt.

theresa vail

Miss Kansas Theresa Vail Is The First Miss America Contestant With Exposed Tattoos

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Miss Kansas Theresa Vail is both the second service member and the first woman with exposed tattoos to compete for the Miss America title.

the future is coming

Google Fiber Expands To A Small Town In Kansas, More Expansion Is On The Way

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Olathe, KS, will get Google Fiber... and more cities are under consideration as well.


‘Carry On Wayward Son’ Trombone Version, Grumpy Chemistry Cat, And Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring a trombone cover of Kansas' "Carry On Wayword Son" and a mashup of Grumpy Cat and Chemistry Cat.


If This Snap Interception Ends Up In A Cell Phone Commercial, I Swear To God

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What you're about to watch happened (allegedly) during a football game between two Kansas high schools -- Dodge City and Garden City.

the av club

GWAR Covering Kansas’ ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ Is Even More Perfect Than It Sounds


The titular "son" is now drenched in blood and covered with maggots.

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