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That Guy Kanye West Punched Is Getting What He Deserves

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The guy Kanye West punched in the face for being racist will take home a big pay day. Beverly Hills, you guys. Beverly Hills.

Kanye West Opened Up To Steve McQueen About The Grammys, ’12 Years A Slave’

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"Hollywood likes the idea of a black director directing 12 Years a Slave more than it likes the idea of a black director directing Shame."

chiropractors be dangerous yo

Kim Kardashian Files Police Report Against Man Kanye West (Allegedly) Punched At A Chiropractor’s Office

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Kim Kardashian has allegedly filed a police report against the alleged teenager who Kanye West allegedly punched in the mouth yesterday.


Kanye West Allegedly Punched A Guy At The Chiropractor’s Office In The Least Believable Story Of 2014

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Kanye West is being investigated by the LAPD for allegedly punching the most racist and homophobic 18-year old guy on the planet.


Kanye West Is Getting His Very Own Bitcoin-Like Digital Currency

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In the future, Kanye West's face will replace George Washington's.


Kanye West's Christmas Present For Kim Kardashian Is Ugly As Sin

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Even Kim Kardashian probably thinks this thing is hideous.


Google Is Giving Away Two Of The Year's Best Albums For Free

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Wondering what all this "Yeezus" talk is about? Download the album for free.


Kanye West Is Being Sued Over His 'Bound 2' Sample

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Kanye West may or may not have sampled someone's song without permission.

Kanye West Rapped About Michael Jordan Playing For The Washington Wizards

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"We should’ve never ever let Michael Jordan play for the Wizards." Truth.


Shia LaBeouf May Face Legal Action for Plagiarism, Is Now Plagiarizing Shepard Fairey and Kanye West

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Shia Labeouf may face legal action over plagiarism. In the meantime, he's stolen new apologies from Shepard Fairey, Kanye West, and Mark Zuckerberg. Article by Shia Labeouf.


Sorry, Jay & Bey: The 10 Best Albums Of 2013

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Ranking the best albums of 2013, including releases from Haim, Daft Punk, and some guy named Kanye West.


Kanye West Returned To ‘South Park’ To Defend His Hobbit Of A Fiancée

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Kanye West read a bedtime story about Hobbits and Jelly Monsters.


Quit Judging Kim Kardashian People! She’s A Hard Working Mom And Stuff!

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These critics of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just need to stop. They are parenting just the way they need to according to their hard working lifestyle.


Shut The F*ck Up, Kanye!

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Kanye West needs to be stopped, or at least reigned in. Sadly, the only person who can probably stop or reign in Kanye is Kanye.

Kanye West’s ‘First Freestyle With No Rhymes’ Was Over Nine Inch Nail’s ‘Closer’

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Not news: Kanye West argued with someone. News: he freestyled over NIN's "Closer."


Hey Look! It’s 8 Rejected Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons!

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If parade officials really wanted to go topical, they would use the ideas I sent them. Sadly, they were all rejected.


Seth Rogen and James Franco Bang on a Motorcycle in a Shot-for-Shot Remake of Kanye’s Bound 2 Video

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Seth Rogen and James Franco remake Kanye West's Bound 2 video, having sex on a motorcycle just like Kanye and Kim Kardashian in Bound 3.

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