This Guy Singing Smash Mouth Lyrics To ‘Imagine’ At Karaoke Deserves A Grammy

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And the Grammy for most clutch karaoke performance goes to...


A Team Of Scientists Got Birds Drunk To See How It Affected Their Singing

By | 4 Comments

A team of scientists got birds drunk to see how it affected the birds' singing. Okay!

#The Rock

Watch The Rock Sing Christmas Karaoke In A Spectacular Holiday Onesie

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson stopped by 'Kelly And Michael' to sing karaoke, spread a little Christmas cheer, and wear ugly pajamas.


Celebrate ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s 50th Birthday With His Best Musical Moments

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WWE legend Steve Austin turns 50 today, so let's honor the Texas Rattlesnake by ranking his best song routines.

The Swiss Cheese Pervert

Let’s All Applaud The Girl Who Dressed Up As The Swiss Cheese Pervert For Halloween

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We're going to go ahead and nominate this chick for hands down best Halloween costume of 2014.


This Old Dude Absolutely Owns The Stage During This Live Band Karaoke Session

By | 10 Comments

This guy doesn't hold back during this live band karaoke and it pays off with an amazing show.


Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 12/14/10 Season 4 Episode 2

By | 18 Comments

The vintage Best and Worst of WWE NXT season 4 episode 2, featuring a rookie karaoke contest, the obstacle course (again) and more.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Sings Karaoke, So Will You Show Him Some Love?


Samuel L. Jackson is a man of many talents, but we didn't know that he could sing Karaoke like this.


Here’s Vin Diesel ‘Singing’ Along With Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’

By | 5 Comments

Vin Diesel shared a new video of him showing off his singing voice, and this time he took on Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me.'


Paulina Gretzky Covered ‘Picture’ By Kid Rock In The Least Cool Paulina Gretzky Moment Ever


Do you like Kid Rock? Do you like beautiful model millionaires? Here's Paulina Gretzky covering 'Picture' by Kid Rock for some reason.

#LeBron James

Shane Battier Made Actual Heatles Posters That People Can Buy For Charity


To benefit his Take Charge Foundation, Shane Battier had limited edition 'Heatles' posters made for Miami Heat fans to buy.

#bill murray

Bill Murray Performed A 45-Minute Karaoke Set At A ‘Caddyshack’-Themed Restaurant


Bill Murray spends his weekends singing traditional folk songs in Florida.

youtube stars

Karaoke Gods Bev And Bob Are Back With Brand New Versions Of Today's Top Hits


Taking on today's biggest hits like 'Blurred Lines' and 'Royals,' Bev and Bob are still YouTube's biggest karaoke royalty.

Robert Pattinson

Because It's Saturday, Here's Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry Performing A Drunken Boyz II Men Karaoke Duet

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Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry drunkenly doing a Boyz II Men cover together is just the thing you need to wake you up on this Saturday morning.

the eagles

American Tourist Killed In Thai Karaoke Bar Following A Dispute Over ‘Hotel California’

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Karaoke in Thailand: (Insert your own "check out any time you like but you can never leave" joke here.)

#Viral Videos

This Canadian Man Dancing To Backstreet Boys In 1999 Is Your New Internet Hero

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Internet, meet your new hero: a man dancing to Backstreet Boys from 1999 in Canada.


Here’s The Karaoke Video That’s So Bad, Its Existence Led To An Entire Country Banning YouTube

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How to stop an embarrassing video from going viral: ban YouTube. Note: only works if you're an evil president of a country like Tajikistan.


Awesome Couple At Gas Station Make Dumb ‘Leno’ Skit The Best Thing To Ever Happen On ‘Leno’

By | 46 Comments

Jay Leno proved the old adage "even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then" to be true last night.

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