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David Schwimmer Is Set To Play Robert Kardashian In Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Crime Story: People Vs. O.J.’

By | 6 Comments

'Friends' alum David Schwimmer is joining Ryan Murphy's true crime mini-series as O.J. Simpson's friend and attorney, Robert Kardashian.

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Justin Bieber Punched A Paparazzi In Paris Is The New Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers

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Justin Bieber is THIS close to completing his punch card of every city to get arrested in.

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Ray J Wants You To Know You Have God To Thank For America’s Kardashian Problem, Not His Sex Tape

By | 4 Comments

Ray J is throwing God under the bus for unleashing the Kardashians on us all.


Since Kendall Jenner Is An Important Model Now, You May Refer To Her As Simply ‘Kendall’

By | 13 Comments

Kendall Jenner is still only eighteen years old but it sounds like her ego is already going through the stratosphere.


Kendall Jenner Is Now Threatening To Sue The Waitress Who Claims She Threw Money In Her Face

By | 17 Comments

Kendall Jenner is calling the waitress she allegedly threw money at a lying liar. Who do you believe?

rob kardashian

Rob Kardashian Was Reportedly Fat Shamed Away From The Kimye Wedding

By | 10 Comments

Kim Kardashian's brother, Rob Kardashian, has gained a bit of weight, which reportedly made him eye poison to his sister's wedding.


Watch Conan Discover The Hidden Message In The Kardashian Christmas Card

By | 4 Comments

Conan got a copy of the annual Kardashian Christmas card and discovered a hidden message that you won't believe.


Honey Boo Boo’s Family Dressed Up As The Kardashians For Halloween

By | 15 Comments

Honey Boo Boo and her family took on the Kardashians for their Halloween costumes this year.

the kris jenner show

Great Job, America: The Kris Jenner Show Has Probably Been Canceled

By | 16 Comments

According to reports, The Kris Jenner Show will not be picked up by Fox after its six-week test run.


Feud of the Century: President vs. Kardashian and The Morning Links

By | 8 Comments

Kris Jenner, aka Grandma Kardashian, called out the President of the United States on her talk show, which will just go nameless, this past Friday.

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Hurry Up And Get Your Bets In For Kim Kardashian’s Baby’s Name Before It’s Leaked

By | 13 Comments

While one outlet is reporting that Kim Kardashian's baby's name is Kai, online bookmakers are still offering odds on a variety of names, including "Kim".


Kris Jenner Is Getting A Daytime Talk Show And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

By | 23 Comments

Kardashian mom Kris Jenner is getting a test run of a daytime talk show in select Fox markets this summer. NOPE NOPE NOPE.


Maude Apatow Does A Pretty Mean Kim Kardashian

By | 22 Comments

It's enough to restrain you from screaming nepotism when you see Judd's progeny on screen.


Who Has The More Awful Christmas Card: The Kardashians Or The Honey Boo Boos?

By | 23 Comments

It's the Kardashians vs. the Honey Boo Boos in the worst Christmas battle ever?


The Average American Watches More TV Than The Average TV Critic

By | 12 Comments

A look at the number of hours the average American spends watching TV and surfing the Internet.


Here's A Horrifying Reminder That OJ Simpson Is Responsible For The Kardashians' Success

By | 13 Comments

With the 2012 Summer Olympics wrapped up and the NFL season still a few weeks away, the standard summer sports boredom that we all suffer has been lessened to some extent – unless you like baseball and America.

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