Tony Williams

The Kid Daytona – The Interlude 2 Mixtape

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Music fans rejoice, The Kid Daytona lets loose his year-ending mixtape The Interlude II, sequel to 2010's acclaimed release bearing the same name.

Waiting Room

Shaun Boothe – Waiting Room Mixtape

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After educating the masses with his unauthorized biographies and dropping off a random track every blue moon, Shaun is finally dropping off his full length project Waiting Room.


Mick Boogie – The Changemakers Mixtape

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My name is my name © Frank Lucas Mick's upbringing and lifestyle may be slightly different the Frank's but they still share one important trait.


Kardinal Brings Hip-Hop To The Olympics

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Screw the cars, clothes and other materialistic nonsense, opportunities like this right here are what artists should be working towards.

The Kid Daytona

The Kid Daytona Feat. Kardinal Offishall – “Contact” Video

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For someone who's supposed to be confined with the limitations of being an "Internet rapper," The Kid Daytona has marketed himself and Come Fly With Me with ambitious flavor that really shines through his artform.

Skratch Bastid

Kardinal Offishall – “Clear” (Skratch Bastid Remix)

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If you're feeling like your noggin needs music to promote the nod factor, indulge in Skratch Bastid's brand-spanking new version of Kardinal Offishall's "Clear.


Two Timin’…

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Instead of the normal bickering and love triangles Illseed usually shares over in AHH's rumor mill, recently he acknowledged a mishap I'm extremely surprised no one else noticed yet.

The Kid Daytona

The Kid Daytona – Come Fly With Me

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To prepare you for takeoff, he gassed up the jet and gave you The Daytona 500 EP.

Vol. 1

“Before He Was A Konvict…”

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Words By Prop Jay During his younger years, Kardinal was a beast on the mic.

Not 4 Sale

Kardinal Offishall – “Nina” Video

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The more he continues to promote this (1, 2, 3, 4, videos,) the more it's sounding like a b-r-i-c-k to me.

White Van Music

“As Told To…” – Jake One’s “Hurt U”

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Generally what you hear from the final product of an album doesn't represent the entire creation process.


“Bring The Fire Out” – Review Of Kardinal Offishall’s Not 4 Sale

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Kardinal Offishall's long journey to the release of Not 4 Sale exemplifies the battles and compromises an artist faces when confronted by major labels.

Not 4 Sale

Kardinal Offishall – “Set It Off” Video

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Kardi seems to be gettin a (well-deserved) budget & a lot of official buzz surrounding his upcoming album, Not 4 Sale.

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