Tony Williams

The Kid Daytona – The Interlude 2 Mixtape

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Music fans rejoice, <a href="">The Kid Daytona</a> lets loose his year-ending mixtape The Interlude II, sequel to 2010's acclaimed release bearing the same name.

Waiting Room

Shaun Boothe – Waiting Room Mixtape

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After educating the masses with his unauthorized biographies and dropping off a random track every blue moon, Shaun is finally dropping off his full length project Waiting Room.

Vaughn Anthony

Estelle & DJ Trauma – #ialmostmadeamixtape

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<a href=""> Just as it seems Estelle was too far gone in being a glamour girl, she bursts off the runway and back into the music scene with a new tape. Well...almost. Consisting of snippets, randoms and pure London swag, Ms. Darlings links up with <a href="">DJ Trauma</a> for the Twitter-fueled #ialmostmadeamixtape with cameos from Nas, Kardinal Offishall, <a href="">Maino</a> and surprisingly John Legend.


Mick Boogie – The Changemakers Mixtape

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My name is my name © Frank Lucas Mick's upbringing and lifestyle may be slightly different the Frank's but they still share one important trait.


Kardinal Offishall Feat. Akon – “Body Bounce”

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<a href=""> Dedicated to the upcoming days where tig 'ol bitties and volumptrous rumps will be bouncing in our faces as they scurry across the beach, the Konvict tandem of <a href="">Kardi</a> & <a href="">Akon</a> are gearing up for summer '10.


Kardinal Brings Hip-Hop To The Olympics

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Screw the cars, clothes and other materialistic nonsense, opportunities like this right here are what artists should be working towards.

The Kid Daytona

The Kid Daytona Feat. Kardinal Offishall – “Contact” Video

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For someone who's supposed to be confined with the limitations of being an "Internet rapper," <a href="">The Kid Daytona</a> has marketed himself and <a href="">Come Fly With Me</a> with ambitious flavor that really shines through his artform.

Skratch Bastid

Kardinal Offishall – “Clear” (Skratch Bastid Remix)

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If you're feeling like your noggin needs music to promote the nod factor, indulge in <a href="">Skratch Bastid's</a> brand-spanking new version of <a href="">Kardinal Offishall's</a> "Clear.


Two Timin’…

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Instead of the normal bickering and love triangles <a href="">Illseed</a> usually shares over in <a href="">AHH's</a> rumor mill, recently he acknowledged a mishap I'm extremely surprised no one else noticed yet.

The Kid Daytona

The Kid Daytona – Come Fly With Me

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To prepare you for takeoff, he gassed up the jet and gave you <a href="">The Daytona 500 EP</a>.

Vol. 1

“Before He Was A Konvict…”

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Words By Prop Jay During his younger years, <a href="">Kardinal</a> was a beast on the mic.

We Got Now

Clinton Sparks & NMC Present Chester French – Jacque Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance

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Outside of <a href="">"What A World,"</a> I don't have too much knowledge on Chester French.

Not 4 Sale

Kardinal Offishall – “Nina” Video

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The more he continues to promote this (<a href="">1</a>, <a href="">2</a>, <a href="">3</a>, <a href="">4</a>, videos,) the more it's sounding like a b-r-i-c-k to me.

White Van Music

“As Told To…” – Jake One’s “Hurt U”

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Generally what you hear from the final product of an album doesn't represent the entire creation process.

Not 4 Sale

Kardinal Offishall – “Numba 1 (Tide Is High)” Video

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Latest visual off Not 4 Sale featuring The Pussycat Dolls Rihanna Keri Hilson Previously Posted - <a href="">"Bring The Fire Out" - Review Of Kardinal Offishall's Not 4 Sale</a> | <a href="../?p=5694">Kardinal Offishall - “Set It Off” Video</a> | <a href="../?p=5277">Kardinal Offishall - “Burnt” Video</a> | <a href="../?p=4331">TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Kardinal Offishall</a>.

#new music

“Swagger Like Us…”

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<a href="" title="Loosie pic by MZ - TSS, on Flickr"> <a href="">Loosies</a> Akrobatik Feat.


“Bring The Fire Out” – Review Of Kardinal Offishall’s Not 4 Sale

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Kardinal Offishall's long journey to the release of Not 4 Sale exemplifies the battles and compromises an artist faces when confronted by major labels.

Not 4 Sale

Kardinal Offishall – “Set It Off” Video

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Kardi seems to be gettin a (well-deserved) budget & a lot of official buzz surrounding his upcoming album, Not 4 Sale.

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