Spontaneous Generation

Kari Faux – “House of Avalon”


The Rap Game Daria goes a little deep with her words and spits wisdom beyond her years.


Kari Faux – “Rap Game Daria” Video


I appreciate it when someone like Kari Faux can have me cracking up for 4 minutes straight with her “Rap Game Daria” video.

No Sleep Til Atlanta

Kari Faux – No Sleep Til Atlanta Mixtape

It seems a little baffling that Kari would use the word "Faux" as part of her name, other than it sounds hip, because everything about No Sleep Til Atlanta is the opposite of fake.

SL Jones

Kari Faux Ft. SL Jones – “501” Video

Kari Faux and SL Jones are back at it again with another stellar collaboration in the gritty "501.

SL Jones

Kari Faux Ft. SL Jones – “Never Low (Nonchalant Pt. 2)”

Oftentimes, the most memorable parts about music festivals are when you're taken by surprise and see dope artists you've never heard of rock the stage.

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