Ipad thieves

Two iPad Thieves Got Busted Because Their Selfies Started Showing Up In The Owner’s iCloud

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When will thieves learnt that taking slefies on stolen tech is about the stupidest thing you can do?


Morrissey Was Really Happy To Hear That A Bullfighter In Mexico Was Gored By A Bull

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80's icon Morrissey is not known for shying away from controversial subjects, and this time he has some things to say about a recent bullfight and how it all played out.


This Driver Nearly Caused An Accident With An Illegal U-Turn And Then Got Some Instant Karma In Return

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Sometimes you do get an instant reward on the road when you seem someone being a jerk. It can taste quite sweet.

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Road-Raging Motorcyclist Kicks Moving Car, Instantly Receives A Hearty Dose Of Karma

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The laws of physics still apply, no matter how hard you're road raging.


Watch A Road-Raging Florida Dickhead In A Pickup Truck Get Served A Hearty Dose Of Karma

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A tailgating, finger-flipping Florida driver gets the painful karma he deserves.


Woman Kicks Snow On Cat, Immediately Regrets It


A woman tries to scare away a cat by repeatedly kicking snow on it.

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The Ultimate “Instant Karma” Fail Compilation


Do you like seeing people get what they deserve.


Robber Receives Instant Karma


A would-be robber snatches a woman's phone in a crowded bus station, only to be struck by a bus during his escape.

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