7 Stars We’d Shamefully Make Love To

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A whole lot of us would boink highly boinkable stars like Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian and every other star that fits under the "eight, nine, dime" category in a split second.


Valentine’s Day Advice From LoveRance On The “7 Fast Women We’d Put A Ring On”

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Graphics: BEWARE Valentine's Day is about lust just as much it is about love, but those cutesy Hallmark cards and Zales commercials won't ever give you the full skinny.


7 Fast Women We Would Still Put A Ring On

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Intro by Gotty™ They know exactly who they are and what they're doing.


2.6 The Cooler

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Deserae Martinez Makes A Wonderful Saturday Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Heinz Redesigns Ketchup Packet [The Consumerist] Things a 13-Year-Old Kid Should Be Doing Instead of Committing to USC Football [Our Kitchen Sink] Ultimate Hustler: Karrine Steffans Partners With Larry Flynt [BV Buzz] How One Band May Have Finally Killed Off the Self-Tribute Trend [Pop Matters] Holy Anne Hathaway Hotness, Batman.


Sucking Hulk Hogan…

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Dear women, The most unattractive thing you can ever do is watch a sporting event with your man and call anything happening “gay.

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