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Calm Down, Folks! Captain Janeway Set The Record Straight On That Sun Revolving Around The Earth Fiasco

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Kate Mulgrew caused a stir earlier when we found out she lent her voice to a crazy geocentrist documentary, but now she's setting the record straight.

#Star Trek

Um, Guys, Captain Janeway Thinks The Sun Revolves Around The Earth

By | 24 Comments

Captain Janeway has added a new terrible science fiction credit to her resume...


The Sun Revolves Around The Earth, Claims Your Least Favorite ‘Star Trek’ Captain

By | 44 Comments

"Star Trek" captain Kate Mulgrew has some interesting theories about the Sun.


Watch Shatner Ask All The Other Star Trek Captains About Shatner


Remember that photo of William Shatner and Chris Pine arm-wrestling we ran the other day.

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