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Kurt Sutter’s ‘The Bastard Executioner’ Begins Filming In Wales Next Month

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For the past several weeks, Sons of Anarchy showrunner and generally outspoken person Kurt Sutter has turned his Instagram page into a collection of fun and almost-artistic photos from his trip to Wales.

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Comparing What The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Cast Looked Like In The Pilot Vs. Now

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The 'Sons of Anarchy' cast looks completely different now than they did seven short years ago.

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How Gemma Teller Is Actually The Walter White Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

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One of TV's best all-time villains has more in common with Walter White from 'Breaking Bad' than you might think.


The ‘Married With Children’ Cast Reunited For Katey Sagal’s Walk Of Fame Induction

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Katey Sagal was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame and her 'Married with Children' family came out to cheer her on.


20 Things About The Cast of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ That You Didn’t Know

By | 53 Comments

A lot of facts, trivia, connections to other shows, and past roles from the cast of Sons of Anarchy that you probably didn't know about.


The Best Of #Gemma Teller

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That I see Katey Sagal now and think Gemma Teller and not Peggy Bundy is probably the greatest testament to her work on SOA.


10 Amazing TV Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated For An Emmy

By | 32 Comments

10 phenomenal TV actors who has yet to get the recognition they deserve.


I Think He Handled That Well

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The last time we checked in with Kurt Sutter, the notoriously quick-tempered "Sons of Anarchy" showrunner had turned over a new leaf, promising to avoid talking about award snubs and to stop calling people the C-word in vitriolic rants.

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