Katherine Heigl heads ‘I Hate Balls’ campaign. (Not making this up)

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Katherine Heigl recently starred in a Funny or Die video (which you can watch below - spoiler alert, it's "die") and contributed her time to a new charity campaign by the Jason Heigl Foundation* called "I Hate Balls.


What the hell is Katherine Heigl wearing? Open thread.

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I'm worried Kat's coat doesn't have enough flaps, it looks pretty rainy out there.


Katherine Heigl Releases Two New Al Qaeda Recruitment Videos

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After the jump, you can watch the new trailer for New Year's Eve, a sh*tty collection of half-assed clichés full of pretty people and happy music because Hollywood thinks you're stupid.


Al-Qaeda’s Latest Recruitment Tape Stars Katherine Heigl and Jon Bon Jovi

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New Year's Eve is New Line/Warner Bros' latest attempt to capitalize on the throw-10-trite-premises-at-the-wall-and-call-it-a-day formula of Valentine's Day, which itself was basically Love Actually with more vignettes and famouser actors. Directed by the hollowed-out husk of Garry Marshall, it stars a who's who of bland white jagoffs who make me want to kill myself, including Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, Jon Bon Jovi, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, that chick from Glee, and a billion other people including a cameo by Ryan Seacrest, in what appears to be an earnest attempt to create cinematic ipecac. A vom-com, say. My God, if I could kick a movie in the stomach... You can watch the just-released trailer below, if you dare. The horror, the horror... There's an earnest, clean-shaven idealist who believes in true love! A bearded cynic who hates holidays! A career woman looking for love! A single gal who's made a life checklist with an arbitrary deadline! HOW DO THEY COME UP WITH THIS STUFF?? Wait a second, where's the precocious child who doles out insightful relationship advice? TOMMY, GET IN HERE! It is my fervent wish that everyone involved with this project have their face ripped off by chimps. Does this film look interesting to you? Congratulations, you are an awful boring yuppie woman and we should NEVER HANG OUT EVER, NOT EVEN AT WINE PARTIES. It must be stopped. [via MSN who are terrorists].


Sarah Jessica Parker is the highest-paid actress in Hollywood

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Forbes recently released their list of Hollywood's ten highest-paid actresses and-- AW GOD DAMMIT, KATHERINE HEIGL.


Katherine Heigl Coming Back to TV

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America's Sweetheart Katherine Heigl -- who's now disliked by everyone from the writers of "Grey's Anatomy" to the cast of Knocked Up to probably anyone else who helped her achieve fame -- will be coming back to TV as the star and producer of an HBO movie called The Cat Lady Who Was Better Than Everyone Else.


Awful Actress Leaves Awful Movie

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Katherine Heigl has dropped out of Adaline, a time travel movie in which she was set to play Angela Lansbury's mom, and now the rumors are flying wanking.


Plot of Katherine Heigl’s new movie recreated with scathing review quotes

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Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel's Life as We Know It has been in theaters a week now, and while it seems like the obvious choice to just compile all the meanest review quips ("a living hell of a movie" -Rolling Stone), that's too easy.


Making out with Katherine Heigl: A Video How-To

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In honor of Katherine Heigl's new movie, Life As We Know It opening this weekend -- you know, the one where she gets baby poop on her face -- the folks at Nerve recently put together this little compilation of clips from Katherine Heigl movies that shows what it takes to make out with Katherine Heigl.


As payback for tainted milk, US gives China an Ashton Kutcher movie

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Every once in a while, I receive a press release and think, "Wow, you're really just begging me to make fun of this, aren't you.


Plot of ‘Killers’ re-created using quotes from scathing reviews

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If you're new to FilmDrunk, there's this game we like to play: take an awful movie we'll never see, and recreate the plot using only expository quotes from other people's reviews (no analysis.

the killers

Lionsgate To Critics: Sit Killers Out

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When Lionsgate first announced that they had a movie starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, I was all like, “Whoa, no way.


Katherine Heigl stars in Two Queefs & a Fart Noise

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I know I already labeled Katherine Heigl's other movie, Killers, "Win a Date with Tard Hamilton," but I may have been a little premature (as is my wont).


Studio greenlights horror film about an immortal Katherine Heigl

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Lakeshore Entertainment has acquired the script for The Age of Adaline, which has Katherine Heigl attached to star.

why god why?

Heigl/Kutcher movie is painfully unoriginal: Now irrefutable fact

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Not to get overly self-referential and toot my own horn, but I'm about to get overly self referential and toot my own horn.

why god why?

Katherine Heigl, Kevin James, & your awful movie update

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There's a lot of news about awful movies out there today, folks, so to keep from aggravating the tendinitis in my dismissive-wank elbow, I've combined it into one post.

why god why?

Wow. Just wow.

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Aw, you almost had us there, Katherine Heigl.


3.27 The Cooler

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Marica Linn The Greatest Jobs In The Entertainment Industry [Uproxx] Agents for LeBron, Wade and Bosh Working Together [Slam] 5 Videos To Prove That Bruce Lee Is The Greatest Of All Time [Caveman Circus] Classics Revisited: Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 B ‘Viotech’ [...].



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Between slamming the writers of "Grey's Anatomy" and calling Knocked Up "misogynistic," Katherine Heigl has gotten a reputation for being an ungrateful pain in the ass.

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