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A New ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Will Star Felicity Jones (And Possibly Aaron Paul, Too)

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The lead has been chosen for Gareth Edward's 'Star Wars' spin-off, a new writer is on board, and Aaron Paul may also join the cast.

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‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Set Photo Shows They’re Serious About Stopping Spoilers


J.J. Abrams is serious about keeping the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' mystery box unopened, as this picture from the set demonstrates.

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‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Movie Will Be Helmed By ‘Godzilla’ Director Gareth Edwards

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'Godzilla' director Gareth Edwards to helm one of the Star Wars spin-offs. Oh, and there are going to be two Godzilla sequels.


Even More Star Wars Spin-Off Movies Coming, Confirms Disney CEO

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Disney CEO Bob Iger reveals there are more Star Wars spin-offs in the works than were previously confirmed.

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The Star Wars Expanded Universe Has Been Altered. Pray It Is Not Altered Any Further.

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Here are the parts of the Star Wars Expanded Universe which are probably being tossed out to make way for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.

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The First ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Set Photo: Lucky Bastard J.J. Abrams Meets R2-D2

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J.J. Abrams' production company Bad Robot has tweeted the first set picture (of sorts) from 'Star Wars: Episode VII', and we also have an improved version.


Star Wars VII producer asks for more time, Disney says ‘Haha, you’re adorable.’

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Disney CEO Bob Iger has denied Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy's request to delay the release of Star Wars Episode VII so that the new writers can finish the script.


Chewbacca Returns? ‘Star Wars’ Casting Call Seeks A Familiar Character

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The newest casting call for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' includes a character who sure sounds like Chewbacca to us.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Rumored For 'Star Wars: Episode VII', And Here's Who He May Play

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Benedict Cumberbatch may soon be working with J.J. Abrams again in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Has His Creepy Eyes On ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’?

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers may working with J.J. Abrams again for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'. Maybe he'll play a character who hates airports.

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Carrie Fisher Says She’s Coming Back For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

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Carrie Fisher confirmed she'll return as Princess Leia in 'Star Wars: Episode VII', but it's Carrie Fisher, so it may all be a drug-fueled hallucination.


Mark Hamill might be in Star Wars VII or something (zzzzz…)

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The internet breathlessly reported on anything even tangentially Star Wars-related even before Disney started planning additional movies, so it's not surprising that the rumor mill is working overtime now.


Prepare Yourself For ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Offs With Young Han Solo And Boba Fett

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Two of the 'Star Wars' spin-offs in early planning stages are an origin story of a young Han Solo and a "bounty hunter adventure with Boba Fett".

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RUMOR: Disney is making a stand-alone Star Wars movie about Yoda

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I get the dismissive wanks in my wrist every time I report one of these Star Wars or superhero rumors, but God help us, everyone on the internet is obsessed with this stuff.

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Awesome, This Is: First Stand-Alone ‘Star Wars’ Film Rumored To Star Yoda

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The first spin-off movie about a 'Star Wars' character is rumored to be a stand-alone film about Yoda.

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VIDEO: George Lucas talks Star Wars and Disney

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When one mega-corporation acquires another supercorporation, we all already know the reason: because they could afford it.

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That Fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie Nobody Wanted Is Probably, Thankfully Dead

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Producer Frank Marshall updates us on the rumored followup to the monumentally dreadful 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'.



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It's hard to know how much stock to put in this story, since I've never heard of the source and they don't give any hints as to how they got the info.

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