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Anderson Cooper Thinks A Quart Of Milk Costs $500, Doesn’t Know Who Tony Romo Is

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CNN's New Year's Eve coverage sounds like it was the usual Humiliate Anderson Cooper-fest.

piers morgan

‘Piers Who?': Watch Anderson Cooper Burn Piers Morgan During CNN’s New Year’s Eve Coverage

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Everyone was waiting for the ball to drop last night but Anderson Cooper dropped the boom when he slammed Piers Morgan last night.

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Kathy Griffin Will Indeed Fill Joan Rivers’ Snarky Shoes On ‘Fashion Police’


Kathy Griffin is officially taking over as host of E!'s red carpet roast series.


E! Wants Kathy Griffin To Fill Joan Rivers’ Shoes On ‘Fashion Police’


The celebrity storyteller told Access Hollywood that E! already offered her the gig, but Kathy Griffin isn't sure if it's right for her.


A Look Back At Hollywood’s Spectacular History Of Failed Celebrity Talk Show Hosts

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From Chevy Chase to Zach Galifianakis, some celebrities always belong on the opposite side of the desk from the actual talk show talents.


Aubrey Plaza Helped A Naked Kathy Griffin With Her Ice Bucket Challenge

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In case you've wondered what it would look like for a Backstreet Boy and Aubrey Plaza to pour water on a naked Kathy Griffin, here you go.

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The Inaugural Roger Clinton Sh*ttiest Celebrity Brothers Power Rankings

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For Roger Clinton's birthday, we honor some other terrible brothers of celebrities who have made names for themselves in recent years.


Here’s That ‘Kathy Griffin In A Bra’ Photo You Asked For. You’re Welcome.

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Kathy Griffin posted a selfie in her bra while getting ready for last night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.


Kathy Griffin To A$AP Rocky: “I Swear To God I Will F*** You”

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Kathy Griffin and A$AP Rocky go Back & Forth for Noisey but hide the wife and kids because the conversation's filled with filth and comedy.


A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown Finally Get To Grope Kathy Griffin

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A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown and Kathy Griffin played a fun game last night for Valentine's Day.


Welcome Back, Here’s Kathy Griffin Pretending To Give Anderson Cooper A Blowjob On CNN

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The year may have changed, but Anderson Cooper acting disgusted by Kathy Griffin pretending to give him a beej remains the same.


Is The Kathy Griffin, Danny Brown & A$AP Rocky Sextape Coming Soon?

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Remember when A$AP and Danny had the funniest convo around a few weeks ago and Danny unabashedly stated he wanted to peg the holes of Kathy Griffin, “the silly, goofy bitch” with the “phatty”.


Yup, That’s A Burn: The Very Best Jokes From Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roasts

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In just a few hours, Comedy Central will air the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, coincidentally on the same night that America’s favorite insane celebrity’s former show, "Two and a Half Men," will air with his replacement, Ashton Kutcher.


Kathy Griffin topless for some reason, morning links

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Here's Kathy Griffin dancing topless by the side of the road in Miami.

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What’s on 2nite: Absolutely Nothing!

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There's dick-all on tonight, so instead of Kathy Griffin's stupid plastic face I'm putting up one of my favorite clips from UHF, which I just re-watched this past weekend.

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