Prepare To Be Disappointed By This Year’s 20 Highest Selling Albums

By | 25 Comments

"Frozen" is unstoppable, and it's made nearly 2.7 million parents go insane.


Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Without The Music Is A Vast Improvement Over The Original

By | 2 Comments

This version of Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' without music is the only version you will ever need.


Katy Perry Made Twitter Accounts Dedicated To Her Boobs Very Happy Last Night

By | 5 Comments

There's an entire world of Katy Perry's boobs out there for you to explore.


Hear The Song From 1892 That Everyone From Katy Perry To Weird Al Has Covered


But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle made for Katy Perry and Weird Al.


Katy Perry Is The Female Answer To Nick Cannon In This Trailer For Her Upcoming Music Video

By | 9 Comments

Katy Perry has a trailer out for her upcoming music video in which she plays the "world's worst birthday party entertainers."

jimmy kimmel live

Katy Perry Played The World’s Most Narcissistic Game With Her Biggest Fan

By | 9 Comments

Katy Perry met her biggest fan/future stalker on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

20 Cover Versions

This Guy Provides An Amazing Cover Of Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' As 20 Legendary Musical Acts

By | 3 Comments

Ten Second Songs goes all out to cover Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' as 20 legendary musical acts and totally nails it!


Katy Perry Is Not Good At Defining 'Feminist' Even Though She Totally Is One Now

By | 12 Comments

Someone apparently expected Katy Perry to know what a feminist is. Rookie mistake!


Katy Perry’s Surprise Second Career Is Really Hot

By | 13 Comments

If this whole singing thing doesn't work, Katy Perry would make for a fine meteorologist.

Alex Trebek: Wizard

‘Jeopardy!’ Had Longtime Announcer Johnny Gilbert ‘Sings The Hits’ And The Results Were Hilarious

By | 5 Comments

'Jeopardy!' has made it a running gag to have longtime announcer Johnny Gilbert sing some popular hits during a category. This one might be the best!

Juicy J

All The GIFs From Katy Perry’s Apparently ‘Racist’ ‘Dark Horse’ Music Video

By | 22 Comments

Katy Perry's music video for "Dark Horse" is set in ancient Egypt, obviously. GIFs are necessary.

Katy Perry Went Full Hover Hand Over Anna Kendrick’s Boobs

By | 10 Comments

Katy Perry is as obsessed with Anna Kendrick as we are.

Grammys 2014

Anna Kendrick Tells Conan How She Had A Sexy Encounter With Katy Perry And Beyonce At The Grammys

By | 14 Comments

Anna Kendrick, Beyonce and Katy Perry could make for one heck of an intimate encounter if this 'Conan' clip is to be believed.


The 10 Most Important GIFs From The 2014 Grammy Awards

By | 24 Comments

Not everything is important enough to be immortalized in GIF form. Here are ten things from The Grammys that most definitely were.


Katy Perry Introduced The Grammys To Witch Broom Stripper Poles

By | 4 Comments

Katy Perry went goth, and brought witch broom stripper poles with her.


Katy Perry’s GQ Profile Proves That Her Childhood Wish For Big Boobs Came True

By | 40 Comments

Katy Perry makes quite the big impression on the new cover of GQ. Also, Obama calls her, apparently.


Behold, The 10 Most Googled Women Of 2013

By | 20 Comments

Was Miley able to twerk her way to the top of Google? The suspense is killing us.

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