Michigan Fans Went Jorting, And I Have A Fantastic New Idea For WrestleMania

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That was the announcement from @UMMaizeRage, the "official twitter of the University of Michigan Maize Rage, college basketball's most passionate and attractive student section.


This Chicago Bulls Hat Has Fake Poop On It

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My favorite Warming Glow contributor, Josh Kurp*, sent me an email earlier with a link to a Tumblr post that featured the above picture.


Worse Fashion Offense: Lance Moore's Postgame Gear Or Colby Rasmus' Corn Rows?

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At some point after the New Orleans Saints evened their preseason record to 2-2 despite the fiery hell wishes of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Lance Moore made a decision.


Forget Gambling, Fashion Will Be The Demise Of Michael Phelps

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While I was blithering on like some handsome buffoon yesterday about the Turtle of Michael Phelps’ entourage complaining that the celebrated swimmer was spending all of his money on poker and not shoes for his friends, I was missing out on a huge scandal.


Sacre Bleu! Guess Which Cable News Network Freaked Out About USA's Olympic Berets

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There are plenty of things wrong with the world to be freaking out over right now, but I suppose that if you’re a big Summer Olympics fan who loathes hats, you could make a case for being most upset about the new Ralph Lauren U.


Kate Upton Is The World's Hottest Hipster

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I try to keep the Kellen Lutz news to a minimum here, because 1) He’s not an athlete and ii) Vince is the president of his fan club so he gives us all things Lutz at FilmDrunk, but today’s a big exception because this involves Kate Upton.


Usain Bolt Dumped His Hot Girlfriend For One Of Several Dumb Reasons

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If Fourth Place Medal's headline had been the end of the story ("Usain Bolt dumped his girlfriend to focus on London Olympics") I would've disagreed with his decision, but I would've understood.


'What The F*** Is Michael Jordan Wearing?' Calls The Fashion Police On His Airness

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I have this theory that Michael Jordan sincerely believes in his head that he is still 32-years old.


Dude, WTF Kris Humphries?

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I’ve never heard of WestEast Magazine, but apparently it is quite the source of artsy fashion style stuff – I’m classy, bros – and it even has a website that might be up and running eventually.


Victor Cruz Looks All Pretty Now


Since bursting onto the New York Giants’ roster as a dominating speed receiver, Victor Cruz has become the NFL’s latest prom king – that out-of-nowhere stud that captures the spotlight and is beloved by everyone.


Baron Davis: Alleged American Style Icon

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Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal examined the NBA lockout from the “well, what the hell are they gonna do without jobs and money.


Serena Williams Is America’s True Fashion Icon


Serena Williams was out and about in West Hollywood the other night, and there’s really nothing else to report.


Tom Brady Is Basically The Greatest Man Alive

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Through two weeks, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leads the NFL in QB rating (128) and passing yards (940), and he is tied for passing touchdowns (7) and completions (66), while his Pats are 2-0 and looking as dominant on offense as they ever have.


This Week In WTF World Record Attempts

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Following up a story from a few weeks ago, the residents of Fremont, Nebraska can finally breathe a heavy sigh of relief.


Tommy Hilfiger, ESPN Take On Uniforms

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Back in December, I hit a point that I was spending more time on sports rumor web sites than I was on Facebook or Twitter, which is a considerable concern mind you, and it was all due to the Albert Pujols contract talks.

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