Sacre Bleu! Guess Which Cable News Network Freaked Out About USA's Olympic Berets

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There are plenty of things wrong with the world to be freaking out over right now, but I suppose that if you’re a big Summer Olympics fan who loathes hats, you could make a case for being most upset about the new Ralph Lauren U.


The Kids At The Spencer Hawes Basketball Camp Are Getting Ripped Off

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Ugh, I’m so sorry, you guys, but I’m really pissed off so we’re going to talk about politics for just a second.


'Miami Heats' Would Be A Great Name For A South Florida Track Team

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There's a good chance our President is purposefully trolling us.


Happy Texas Republican Primary, Craig James!

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If it’s not over until the fat lady sings, Craig James better stuff a rib eye in Adele’s mouth.


Great News, Saints Fans: Your State Lawmakers Are Going After The NFL

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Trust me, folks – I hate talking any level of politics on this here sports humor blog, but sometimes I just can’t help but slap my forehead at the time management of our great nation’s elected officials.


Chris Christie Wishes The Best For The Nets

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Last night, the New Jersey Nets played their last game ever as residents of the Prudential Center, as they wrapped up a lackluster 22-43 season with a 105-87 spanking at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers.


Shocking: Lawyers Are Taking Their Sweet Ass Time With Roger Clemens

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Back in 2008, former Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Houston Astros and New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens might have lied to a U.


Capitals Fans Reminded Tim Thomas To Vote

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Back in January, Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas stirred the political pot a great deal when he refused to attend his team’s visit to the White House to meet President Barack Obama for their Stanley Cup Championship.


Abrasive, Politically-Charged Headline

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Obama: 'The Bulls Are Going To Win… Eventually'


I’m a part-time sports blogger and dick-joke-maker, so of course I hate Bill Simmons.


Florida’s Politicians Are Finally Listening

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Every time a professional sports team calls upon a city or state for tax money to help fund a new stadium, we get the same old song and dance - why should the taxpayer money help billionaires pay for new facilities that will just make them more money.


More NBA Stars Are Playing For “Charity”

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I have to apologize, I swear that I didn’t have my Google news alerts set to “Obama” today, but I just can’t help when the President gets caught up in the day’s top stories.


Mike Tyson Takes On Herman Cain


I haven’t paid much attention to the 2012 Republican debates because I promised myself earlier this year that I would work on becoming a more likable persona and stop talking about politics so much.


The NBA Makes Barack Obama Sad

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President Barack Obama paid a visit to my tiny modern Bethlehem of Orlando, Florida yesterday, which was a silly idea because I'm out of town and therefore can't give him any advice.


The San Francisco Giants Went To Washington

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The San Francisco Giants took a brief vacation from their 4-game lead in the National League West yesterday, as they visited the White House as Barack Obama’s guests of honor (with Willie Mays) to celebrate their 2010 World Series victory.


See California? This Is Why You’re Broke

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In 2008, former Denver Broncos running back Floyd Little filed for workers’ compensation in California for the health problems and pains he still suffers from his playing career that ended more than 30 years ago.


Toronto’s Mayor Seems Pretty Cool

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I don’t know much about Canadian politics, other than you get free health care if you can wrestle a moose and hockey is the national pastime and flower, and I especially won’t pretend to know anything about the politics of a single Canadian city like Toronto.


Nationals Cut Obama For Opening Day

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Fans of the Washington Nationals will be lining up at Nationals Park for today's 1:05 game against the Atlanta Braves to mark the start of the 2011 Major League Baseball season.

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