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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Try To Describe ‘Booty’ While Playing ‘Three-Word Stories’ On ‘Fallon’


Benedict Cumberbatch disgraces himself by failing to properly describe the booty to Jimmy Fallon.


Kelly Brook’s Model Boyfriend Crashed A Van Full Of Dead Badgers Into A Bus Stop

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In one of the stranger car accidents you'll hear about this week, Kelly Brook's model boyfriend crashed a van full of dead badgers in Gloucester.


A Guide To The Great American Pastime Of Celebrities Dressing As Princess Leia

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Today we pay tribute to the many, many female celebrities that have dressed as Princess Leia to pander to all of us 'Star Wars' geeks and nerds.


4.20 The Cooler

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Myya By Visual Cocktail Secret Service Closes Case On Ted Nugent's Remarks [Yahoo] Where Is Boobie Miles Now.

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His Futsal In This Guy’s Face


The best part of this Futsal argument escalating into a Muay Thai knockout (besides me learning what the hell "Futsal" is) is easily the YouTube commenter explaining his motivations: This was in Russia , futsal 3rd division.


Kelly Brook Has A New Calendar And It’s Totally Sports Related

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A while back, we pointed out that Reebok was under investigation by the FTC for improperly marketing their fitness shoes with the implication that they would help women get in shape.


Kelly Brook Verified Her Twitter Account Better Than You


Model, Metal Hurlant Chronicles star and Billy Zane ex-girlfriend Kelly Brook is most definitely on Twitter, in case you were wondering.

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10.10 The Cooler

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Stefany Alzate Trailer for Reincarnated ‘Beavis & Butt-Head’ [Warming Glow] Kelly Rowland Talks Breast Implants [TUD] Man Assaults Wife for Not “Liking” His Facebook Update [Mashable] Detroit Zoo Creates NFL’s Most Adorable Feud [With Leather] The Most Banned Horror Movies in History [Moviefone] Rihanna Makes Billboard [...].


The FTC Is Calling Kelly Brook A Liar

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In news that should only be shocking to people who take diet pills, Reebok is paying $25 million to disgruntled athletic shoe enthusiasts after the U.


Sexy Commercials? Well… Okay.

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I don't have any real reason to post the video of Moet & Chandon's new commercials with Scarlett Johansson except I enjoy champagne and looking at Scarlett Johansson.


Reebok Has A Good Advertising Team

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"Sex sells" has always been a known idea in advertising, and the marketing team at Reebok is certainly going in the right direction.


Piranha 3D wants your Oscar vote & porn star Google results

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Piranha 3D opens this weekend, and while it's so gory and boob-filled that they can't show a lot of the good parts in their promotional material, they prove once again that they're pretty good at the viral marketing thing.


8.12 The Cooler

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Daphne Joy Glenn Beck's Top 10 Questionably Racist Moments [The BVX] How To Get Drunk At A Kids Birthday Party [TSJ] Girls You Shouldn’t Fall For: The Virgin Edition [UIGM] Get Us A Mario Kart Version of This Immediately [Gamma [...].


Big titties and Christopher Lloyd

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Coincidentally, this headline is also the title of my future memoir.



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UPDATE 10:41 ET: This version should work: Piranha 3D had its release date pushed back to August because of money problems at The Weinstein Company, but despite reports saying they might not be able to afford 3D,  the trailer still says "Piranha 3D.

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