Stuffed Undies? Neil Patrick Harris Will Have You Know That Was 100 Percent Neil Patrick Harris At The Oscars.

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Neil Patrick Harris told Kelly and Michael that no enhancements were used during the Oscars Sunday night.


You Have To See 1980s Kelly Ripa On This Local Philadelphia Dance Party Show

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Kelly Ripa was completely adorable in the '80s on Philly's 'Dancin' on Air.'


Kelly Ripa Grilled Anderson Cooper On Whether He’d Rather Have Sex With Her Or Her Husband

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Kelly Ripa took over 'Plead the Fifth' on last night's 'Watch What Happens Live' and had some fun questions for Anderson Cooper.


Laura Dern Tells Kelly And Michael About The Time Her Dog Menstruated On Scott Baio

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Laura Dern was a guest on LIVE with Kelly and Michael this morning to support the film Wild, but as fans of the energetic morning show already know, the conversation is never all about the movie.


Kelly Ripa Is Not Here To Make Friends, She’s Here To Be A Mom

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For some reason, it is shocking that Kelly Ripa wants to be a mother to her children and hold them accountable for breaking the rules.

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In Which Kelly Ripa Talks About Michael Strahan’s Penis In A Banana Hammock For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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If you would like to see Michael Strahan's Strahan in a thong, go see "Magic Mike XXL" with Kelly Ripa.


This Week In Kelly Ripa GIFs

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What was Kelly Ripa up to this week?


I Think We All Know Why Kelly Ripa Ended Up With The Extra Large iPhone 6

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Turns out that when you tell Kelly Ripa she can't handle the size of something, she's going to try and prove you wrong.

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Kelly Ripa Cracked A Dick Joke On TV This Morning And Our Crush On Her Just Grew Exponentially

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Kelly Ripa got sidetracked in this morning's episode of "Live with Kelly and Michael" and told some amazing dick jokes.


Ray Liotta Kind Of Remembers That One Time He Talked To Kelly Ripa

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Ray Liotta looked a little out of it while promoting his new film, 'The Identical,' on 'Live with Kelly and Michael' this morning.


Anderson Cooper Revealed A Sexual Secret About Andy Cohen On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

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This is probably a private thing that Andy Cohen didn't want thousands of people to know about!

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'Live With Kelly's' New Co-Host Is … Michael Strahan?

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Important analysis of the news that Michael Strahan will be the new, permanent co-host of 'Live With Kelly.'

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Seth Meyers Is The Frontrunner To Be The New Regis

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Ever since Regis Philbin stepped down as co-host of Live!, to live a life full of Pepsi commercials and Donald Trump-assisted Christmas albums, the talk show has been looking for a new host


Reggie Bush Hates Kelly Ripa

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Reggie Bush announced the other day that his goal for the 2012 season is to prove that he can build off of his first ever 1,000-yard rushing season and lead the NFL in rushing yards, which is sure to make more than a few people chuckle.

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Film Premiere: Off the Rez Is Hoop Dreams Meets Glory Road

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A vicious cycle is defined as a chain of events in which the response to one difficulty creates a new problem that aggravates the original difficulty.

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Jimmy Kimmel & Famous Beautiful Actresses Star in Unfunny Video

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I don't know who, exactly, would sit through three-plus hours of the Oscars, then watch the local news, THEN stay tuned for a late-night show on a Sunday night, but anyone who did was treated to a star-studded episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live.



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This fall, NBC rolled out what might have been the best two-hour block of Thursday comedy programming in network history.

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