‘BioShock’ Creator Ken Levine Is Working On A New Big, First-Person, Sci-fi Game

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We're finally getting some details about Ken Levine's follow-up to BioShock, and it sounds a lot like BioShock.


Is ‘BioShock’ Coming Back? A Teaser From 2K Games Seems To Indicate It Is.

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2K Games' Twitter feed has posted a mysterious BioShock-related teaser image.


Fox News Totally Ripped Off The ‘Bioshock Infinite’ Logo In A Hilarious Bit Of Irony

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Is Fox News missing the point of 'Bioshock Infinite' or do they just not care?


‘Cheers’ Writer Ken Levine Explains Why You Shouldn’t Give A Dime To Zach Braff

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TV writer Ken Levine explains why giving money to Zach Braff for his Kickstarter movie is a bad idea.


'BioShock Infinite' Mastermind Ken Levine Is Also A Skilled Twitter Comedian


Even if the game is terrible, Ken Levine's Twitter is going to make all of this worth it.

Ken Levine

Former ‘Cheers’ Writer Is REALLY Not A Fan Of Jamie-Lynn Sigler

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A former 'Cheers' writer, Ken Levine, rants about modern network television, and how Jamie Lynn Sigler is the perfect example of what's wrong with it.


A Showrunner's Take on the Dan Harmon Sh*tcanning

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I don't know how many of you are familiar with Ken Levine.

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14 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite. In Yo’ Face, Physics

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The xenophobic ferrets are pleased with this game.

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Bioshock Infinite Ditches Watery Dieselpunk For Airy Steampunk


If you were wondering how they were going to squeeze another Bioshock out of Rapture's played out storyline, the answer is.

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