Dip Your Balls In Ken Marino’s Best Roles Before The Debut Of ‘Marry Me’

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Ken Marino stars in the new NBC sitcom 'Marry Me,' but get to know the awesome comic actor through his best roles.


UPROXX 20: Ken Marino Takes His Kids To Nicki Minaj Shows, Can’t Resist Watching ‘Crossroads’ If It’s On

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Ken Marino was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.


Ken Marino Is Coming To Save NBC With The Creator Of ‘Happy Endings’

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Ken Marino swoops into NBC with a new pilot from 'Happy Endings' creator David Caspe. YES.


The Best Of This Week’s Episode Of ‘Eastbound & Down': How About This Roller Skating Nerd?

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On this week's episode of 'Eastbound & Down,' Kenny Powers somehow manages to climb back to the top while losing everything that he has.


The Best Of This Week's Episode Of 'Eastbound & Down': 'Not Everybody Can Fly, Kenny'

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On this week's episode of Eastbound & Down, Kenny Powers and Guy Young finally clash, as does Kenny and, well... everyone else.


The Best Moments From This Week’s Eastbound & Down: ‘Well Then, Go F*ck Sh*t Up’

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Kenny Powers' latest rise back to the top comes quick and painfully for one co-host of Guy Young's Sports Sesh.


The Best & Worst Moments From The Season 4 Premiere Of ‘Eastbound & Down’

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Kenny Powers goes from zero to antihero again in the season premiere of the 4th season of Eastbound & Down.


Here Are The First Two Clips From Sunday’s ‘Eastbound & Down’ Season 4 Premiere

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Watch Kenny Powers deal with life after fame and glory in these two clips from the season 4 premiere of HBO's Eastbound & Down.


Kristen Bell Proposes On Twitter And ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Adds Two ‘Party Down’ Vets

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Ken Marino and Martin Starr added to the cast of 'Veronica Mars,' starring Kristen Bell, who proposed to Dax Shepard on Twitter today.


Magnet acquires Milo, a movie about a demon baby living in Ken Marino’s ass

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My biggest regret of the SXSW festival, other than leaving my credit card in a bar that didn't open for the next two days, was not being able to catch Milo, a movie starring Party Down's Ken Marino, whose actual festival synopsis was "A man discovers that his chronic stomach problems are due to the fact that he has a demon baby living in his colon.


Review: Wanderlust

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The big question going into Wanderlust was, is it a David Wain/Ken Marino movie with all the people from The State, or is it more of a Jennifer Aniston rom-com.


David Wain Is Good At Drawing And At Reddit AMAs


David Wain is the one who isn't Ken Marino, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, or Judd Apatow.


Is Wanderlust a Paul Rudd/David Wain movie or a Jennifer Aniston movie?

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After the jump, I've got the red-band trailer for Wanderlust, a film that presents an interesting dilemma.


Paul Rudd and David Wain together again for Wanderlust

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Along with Eagleheart, Children's Hospital, co-written and executive produced by Hot Wet American Summer director David Wain, is probably one of the funniest shows on TV that you aren't watching.


Awesome Must-Watch: Rob Corddry’s ‘Childrens Hospital’ Online Now

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Back in May, Adult Swim ordered an adaptation of "Childrens Hospital," a web series that "Daily Show" vet Rob Corddry created for TheWB.


Apatow producing Paul Rudd script

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I was looking for any excuse to post the <a href="" target="_blank">"Paul Rudd's Computer" Tim & Eric video</a> (attached <a href="" target="_blank">below</a>), and now I have it.

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