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Weekend Box Office: ‘Cinderella’ Crushed Liam Neeson And Opened Bigger Than ‘Thor’


Liam Neeson's 'Run All Night' was a flop, while 'Cinderella' opened bigger than 'Maleficent' or 'Thor.'


‘Cinderella’ Drops Any Hint Of Irony And Wins Over The Cynic In All Of Us


Can a movie with no irony, like "Cinderella," win over the cynical crowds of 2015? Yes, it can.


Kenneth Branagh Would Love To Direct Another Marvel Movie, In Case Someone Wants To Ask Him


Kenneth Branagh says Marvel movies are like trucks and he'd love to direct another one.


Robb Stark Is Prince Charming In The Trailer For Disney’s Live-Action ‘Cinderella’


Live-action adaptations are the new gritty reboots, and you know what? I'm okay with that.

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Chris Pine Gets Jacked Up In This New Clip From ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’


In this new clip for 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,' Chris Pine's new version of the character is welcomed to the spy game in a stressful way.


TRAILER: Paramount promotes Jack Ryan movie with Tom Clancy's warm corpse


When Paramount released their poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on the same day that Tom Clancy, the author who created the Jack Ryan character died, I figured it was just a coincidence, or unfortunate timing.

tom clancy

'Jack Ryan' joins pantheon of boringly-named movies


What with all the Bourne movies flying around and parkouring down rails on their motorcycles, you might not have noticed that it's been 10 years since a Tom Clancy novel made it to the big screen.


Marvel And Disney Lose Another Director

Patty Jenkins -- who directed the Oscar-winning film Monster and the pilot for Emmy winning TV series The Killing -- was signed to direct the next Thor movie after scheduling conflicts prevented Kenneth Branaugh from returning (although he's said he'd like to direct another film for Marvel).


Rifftrax Makes An Asgard Out of Thor

We miss MST3K, but Rifftrax is still around at least.


Thor And Loki Share A Bromance In Deleted Scenes


The Blu-ray release of Thor came out early in some countries, and Russian fan site Stark Industries uploaded all twelve deleted scenes.


Thor: The Nitpicks


So, if you didn't torrent it from Australia, you probably saw Thor this weekend.


An Asgard-Load Of New Thor Trailers And Clips

Marvel and Kenneth Branagh's Thor is already out in several countries except the U.

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Press Tour Cliché: All hotties love comic books


This summer is packed to the tits with superhero movies, and I haven't been all that excited about many of them, mainly because Captain America has Chris Evans running around in Old Navy baby tees and khakis, and everything we've seen from Green Lantern has been like watching paint dry on a Kenny G record.


Don’t Tase Thor, Bro

Another day, another bunch of Thor pictures and a new clip.


An Asgard-load of New Thor Photos


SuperHeroHype and TraderCracks found a bunch of Thor pictures from Upper Deck's upcoming movie cell trading card line, which apparently still exists.

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