Phonte – “The Good Fight” Video

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Initially, I had this entire post mapped out about how Phonte's "The Good Fight" describes my life and how it strikes a nerve that moves me to the point of chills each time I hear the record.


Rapsody – “ABC” Video

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The treacherous three of Rapsody x Eric.

Swiff D

Phonte – “Dance In The Reign” Video

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What better way to kick off Charity Starts At Home's visual campaign than with "Dance In The Reign.


Rapsody – “All Black Everything” Video

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"All black everything, polo and socks/Symbolize we’re not defeated by the system and cops.

Thank H.E.R. Now

Rapsody – “Lampin'” Video

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You can travel all across the globe but in time, you'll find there's no place like home.

The Penny Freestyle Series

Skyzoo – “This Or That” x “Atypical” Video


MCing is becoming more fashionable as of late and Skyzoo That Dude makes sure he steps into the booth with the Nike Air Foamposites every time he wants to spaz on the track.

The Great Debater

Skyzoo – “Test Drive” Video

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The Tape Deckers are back on the road again in their continous conquest of championing Skyzoo That Dude as a chief commentator.

The Great Debater

Skyzoo – “The Definitive Prayer” Video

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To make a video, all Skyzoo needs is a camera, a chair, a little bit of light and an assist from director Kenneth Price.

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