Sonko/Hillary 2016

This Kenyan Politician (Not Obama) Totally Nailed It With His Mandela Photoshop

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I hope Mike Sonko is the next Kenyan to get elected president of the United States. Sonko/Hillary 2016!


A Man Sent To Jail For Having Sex With A Goat Faced His Victim In Court

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"The female goat watched quietly in the corner of the court room as her attacker was jailed for bestiality."


Shocker: Anti-Gay Countries Secretly Love Gay Porn

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Our intrepid porn-search correspondent Josh Kurp touched on this phenomenon a few weeks ago when discussing the most popular (or poopular, in the case of South Africa) porn searches in certain US states and countries.


Must Watch Video: Kenyan Orphans Reenacted The 1987 Eastern Conference Finals

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The Boston Celtics lost the 1987 NBA Finals to the Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games, but basketball purists and diehard fans will probably tell you that the Eastern Conference Finals between the Celtics and the Detroit Pistons was the real highlight of the playoffs that year.


Note To Self: Kenya Hates Bill Buckner


Man, I'd hate to see how they reenact things with kids in Uganda.


The Value of One Second: $27,000

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Kenyan marathoner Nicholas Manza Kamakaya won the Gold Coast Marathon in Queensland, Australia, set a course record, and lost $27,000 in the process.


Kenya’s Sammy Wanjiru Fails to Qualify for High Jump

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Kenyan Olympic marathon champion Sammy Wanjiru is dead, having jumped from a balcony after a domestic dispute with his wife and another woman.


Kenyans Get Lost During Marathon, Get Paid Anyway

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Weird running story from Iowa: Two Kenyan marathon runners actually got lost while running the Quad-Cities Marathon, which is not to be confused with the Quad City DJ's, whose 1996 single, "C'Mon N' Ride It (The Train)" made it to No.



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That actually happened in Des Moines, where would be marathoners were held up on the course as a train passed through.

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