DC Comics Doesn’t Want This Football Team To Use Their Town’s Centuries-Old Bat Logo

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DC Comics might win this trademark battle; they'll just need to build a time machine.

Spider Woman

The 3D-Rendered Anatomy Of That ‘Spider-Woman #1′ Cover Is Nightmarish

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This picture proves the cover of 'Spider-Woman' #1 can be achieved. If you get run over by a truck.


Sam And Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Home Raided Over The M16 They Apparently Own

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The Taylor-Johnson's home was raided when a passer-by noticed an M-16 assault rifle near a window. Oh, who doesn't have one of those?

Spider Woman

‘Spider-Woman’ Cover Artist Milo Manara Compares His Critics To Terrorists

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There comes a point in everyone's life when they should just stop talking. It's Milo Manara's time.

Spider Woman

Legendary Erotic Artist Milo Manara Did A Cover For Spider-Woman #1, With Predictable Results

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Marvel hired a porn artist to do a cover for Spider-Woman #1 and the cover turned out kind of porny. Who'd a guessed?


Over $500,000 Has Allegedly Gone Missing From A Minecraft Convention


Over $500,000 has allegedly gone missing in the wake of a Minecraft convention's cancellation. But is it theft or just incompetence?


Here Are The Naked Catwoman Panels DC Comics Decided Not To Use

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DC Comics hired Guillem March to draw several pages of Catwoman stripping naked on Batman's lawn. The story was scrapped, but now the pictures are here.


Angry Granny Plays ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ To Vent About Gas Kerfuffle

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"Angry grandma plays Grand Theft Auto V"? What more do you need to hear?


The ‘World War Z’ Sequel Needs A New Director Brad Pitt Will Actually Speak With

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Will director Marc Forster return for the 'World War Z' sequel, considering the rumors he and Brad Pitt aren't talking? Nope.


DC Comics Apologizes For Asking You To Draw Harley Quinn Naked And Committing Suicide

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DC Comics held a contest to let a fan draw a page for Harley Quinn #0. For some odd reason, people didn't want to draw a naked Harley Quinn committing suicide.


Simon Pegg Is Batman, Pokes Fun At The Ant-Man Kerfuffle

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Simon Pegg has responded in the awesomest way to rumors about his Twitter pictures.


Kerfuffle Watch: Russell Simmons pulls ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’ amid complaints

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Media mogul, reality TV star, and famous lisp-haver Russell Simmons ith in hot water today, after pulling an attempted comedy video called "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape" from his new YouTube Channel All Def Digital, following complaints from a variety of blogs and even, Simmons says, the NAACP.


KERFUFFLE WATCH: Everyone’s pissed at Rex Reed again

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If you read this site with any regularity, by now you're probably familiar with the comedic stylings of New York Observer film critic Rex Reed, who we famously dubbed "the Hydrox Armond White," which seems unfair, though I'm not sure to whom.


Kerfuffle Follow-Up: Zach Braff Corrects ‘wrong’ Hollywood Reporter story

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This Zach Braff story is still in the news today, and I'm going to keep using this screencap to accompany it as long as it is.


Kerfuffle Watch: Zach Braff’s Kickstarter movie has a new financier

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Just to recap: Zach Braff put his proposed film, Wish I Was Here, up on Kickstarter.


Zach Braff is using Kickstarter to fund his next movie, and people are pissed

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Whenever someone who's not an unknown individual tries to crowd-fund a project, it's always a recipe for a kefufflerous brouhaha.


Today in Outrage: Niagara critic quits after editor bars him from reviewing films featuring strong women

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Before yesterday, few of us had heard of film critic Michael Calleri or the Niagara Falls Reporter, a weekly rag with a circulation of 22,000 around Buffalo.

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