<a href="http://www.blender.com/guide/68965/100-greatest-indie-rock-albums-ever-151-50-to-41.html"> Before they had a Broadway play and back when Green Day was simply the day you mowed your lawn after 6PM, Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt and Billy Joe Armstrong released Kerplunk, the Grammy-award-winning rock behemoth's 2nd album from 1992. Ranked 47th on Blender's <a href="http://www.blender.com/guide/68965/100-greatest-indie-rock-albums-ever-151-50-to-41.html">"100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums Ever,"</a> this hidden gem only sold 50K copies, yet featured one of the better Star Wars-themed songs ever made, with the not-so-obvious ode to the Princess Leia, "20,000 Light Years Away.