Batman: Arkham Knight

A Bunch Of Famous Faces Show Up In The Latest Promo For ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’


Wiz Khalifa, Neil Patrick Harris, Joe Manganiello and more get to "Be The Batman" in the Classified First Look for 'Batman: Arkham Knight.'


The ‘Arkham’ Version Of The Suicide Squad Is Unleashed In ‘Batman: Assault On Arkham’


Batman and the Suicide Squad team up in a somewhat strange animated adaptation of the 'Arkham' games...


Celebrate 75 Years Of The Caped Crusader With This New ‘Batman Beyond’ Short From Wondercon


DC Entertainment brought out the big guns to celebrate 75 years of Batman with this 'Batman Beyond' short that's chock full of Easter eggs.

#Star Wars

This Is Glorious: Our Favorite Voice Actors Do A Comical Table Read Of Star Wars


This seemed like a better idea when I started photoshopping it.


Three Villains Revealed For Arkham Asylum 2?

For a place that's so hard for Batman to sneak into, Arkham Asylum sure has a hell of a lot of leaks.

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