‘McFarland, USA’ Is Filled With So Much Sticky Sap It Will Make You Cry

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Will Kevin Costner's new movie, "McFarland, USA," make you cry? Yes. Yes it will.

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Did Kevin Costner Really Almost Cost Cal Ripken, Jr. The Streak After Sleeping With His Wife?

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Is the nearly 20 year old rumor about Kevin Costner banging the wife of Cal Ripken, Jr. actually true?


And Now, The Worst Movies Of 2014

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This year didn't seem to have as many bad movies as 2013, but there were still some monumental stinkers to celebrate.


These Cross Country Runners Are Changin’ Kevin Costner’s Life In ‘McFarland, USA’

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Kevin Costner travels to the San Joaquin Valley and scores a 98% in protective instincts.

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Why ‘Tombstone’ And ‘Wyatt Earp’ Were Released Six Months Apart Twenty Years Ago

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Kevin Costner's 'Wyatt Earp' came out 20 years ago today, just six months after 'Tombstone,' and Hollywood was barely big enough for both of them.

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ESPN Added Jon Hamm, Ice Cube, Hope Solo And Others For An ‘I Believe’ Remix

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Jon Hamm, Ice Cube, Cam Newton and others lend their famous faces to ESPN's newest 'I Believe' World Cup ad.

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Stream ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, May 22, 2014

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It's time to finally check out Star Trek Into Darkness and that Bill Watterson documentary, all you need is a TV, a Netflix subscription, and a fat ass to sit on.

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12 Things You Probably Don’t Know About ‘Field Of Dreams’ On Its 25th Anniversary

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Celebrate a baseball classic with a look into how the movie came to be and what happened to the famous field after shooting wrapped.


Stream Them if You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, Feb 5th

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Our resident sex machine Laremy tells you what movie you should watch on Netflix tonight if you want to woo a lady.

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Despite What Everyone In America Thought, ‘3 Days To Kill’ Is Not ‘Jack Ryan’

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Last night, the new TV spot for '3 Days to Kill,' starring Kevin Costner, aired during the NFC Championship Game and it looked a lot like 'Jack Ryan.'

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Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: Is Stinky: A Shame, That

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Our friend Laremy stops by to offer his thoughts on 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,' which stars Chris Pine as the classic Tom Clancy character.


How A Series Of Rejections By Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Made ‘Bull Durham’ The Perfect Baseball Movie

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Had the studio and director Ron Shelton had their ways, 'Bull Durham' may have had a completely different cast and not been the perfect baseball movie.

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12 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About ‘The Untouchables’

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One of the best gangster movies of all time and definitely one of Costner's best roles. Check out these 12 fascinating facts about this mob classic.

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Chris Pine Gets Jacked Up In This New Clip From ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’

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In this new clip for 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,' Chris Pine's new version of the character is welcomed to the spy game in a stressful way.


'Draft Day' Looks Like Ivan Reitman's Football Answer To 'Moneyball'

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In the new trailer for 'Draft Day,' Kevin Costner plays the GM of the Cleveland Browns, which is fittingly the worst team in the NFL.


‘Draft Day’ Looks Like A Very Sporty Movie

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A whole movie spent examining why the Browns suck.


TRAILER: Paramount promotes Jack Ryan movie with Tom Clancy's warm corpse

By | 18 Comments

When Paramount released their poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on the same day that Tom Clancy, the author who created the Jack Ryan character died, I figured it was just a coincidence, or unfortunate timing.


The ‘S’ Stands For ‘Smash': Real-World Costs Of The Fights In ‘Man of Steel’, With GIF Evidence

By | 41 Comments

Here is a statistical analysis of the amount of carnage the fight scenes in 'Man Of Steel' would cause in a real city, with GIFs as supporting evidence.


New ‘Man Of Steel’ Clip: Zod Is Basically A Nazi And Jor-El’s Not Having It

By | 11 Comments

In the newest 'Man Of Steel' clip, Jor-El confronts General Zod over Zod's genocidal plans for Krypton.


Never Insult Superman’s Mom: Zod Gets Punched, Faora Fights Chris Meloni In ‘Man Of Steel’ Clips

By | 29 Comments

'Man Of Steel' opens next week, so the actors are showing new clips on chat shows. We have two of those clips.

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