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In The Least Shocking News Of 2014, ‘Ride Along 2′ Gets The Green Light

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After 'Ride Along' made $117 million in five weeks, Universal has already greenlit 'Ride Along 2' with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.


The Camera Crew Played A Hilarious Joke On Kevin Hart At The NBA All-Star Game

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Comedian Kevin Hart was the butt of a joke on the jumbotron at the NBA All-Star Game, but he didn't seem to care for it that much.


The Best And Worst Of NBA All-Star Weekend 2014

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Guest columnist Chris Trew explores the best and worst moments from NBA All-Star Weekend 2014 featuring Sir Foster, Smoothe King Center food and MTV's Sway.


‘Think Like A Man Too’ Sends Kevin Hart’s Screams To Las Vegas

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The guys and girls from 'Think Like a Man' are back in the new trailer for 'Think Like a Man Too,' which sends them on a crazy trip to Vegas.


Kevin Hart And Josh Gad Will Star In ‘The Wedding Ringer’

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Kevin Hart and Josh Gad are absolutely perfect for each other and 2015's MLK weekend comedy, 'The Wedding Ringer.'


With Leather's Watch This: Kevin Hart Remade Skee Lo's 'I Wish' With Some NBA Stars


For their upcoming film 'Ride Along,' Kevin Hart and Ice Cube recorded this remake of Skee Lo's 'I Wish' with some NBA players.


Conan, Ice Cube, And Kevin Hart Take A ‘Lyft’ Car Around LA In Search Of Weed, Beats, And Fun

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Conan took 'Ride Along' stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube on a literal ride along via Lyft and the results were hilarious.


LeBron James Will Star In The Movie ‘Ballers’ With Kevin Hart


LeBron James is set to become a movie star next year, as he'll begin filming 'Ballers' with Kevin Hart.

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Kevin Hart Screams A LOT In The New Trailer For ‘Ride Along’

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Kevin Hart plays a man desperate for Ice Cube's approval in the new trailer for the action comedy 'Ride Along.'


Check Out These Old Relationship Clichés In The ‘About Last Night’ Remake’s Trailer

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Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are starring in a remake of the 1986 relationship comedy-drama About Last Night.


Grudge Match Trailer: Stallone, DeNiro Go Raging Bull vs. Rocky in Boxing Super Group Movie

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70-year-old Robert DeNiro already let Ben Stiller stab him in the boner for Little Fockers, so why wouldn't he take his shirt off and box a few rounds with Sly Stallone for Grudge Match.


WATCH: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube play miniature buddy cops in 'Ride Along'

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I'm not like these other movie writers, you guys, I'm totally "down" with Kevin Hart, who has become a shining example of the heights of fame one can reach while still remaining relatively unknown to the white man.


SNL: Z-Shirt


A promo for a 1990s t-shirt company gets out of hand.

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'SNL' Recap: Kevin Hart And Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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A recap of last night's episode of "SNL," with Kevin Hart and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Watch Kevin Hart Laugh Through The Pain Of Hosting This Weekend's 'Saturday Night Live'

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Hollywood's next big comedy star, Kevin Hart, hosts this week's 'Saturday Night Live.'


Kevin Hart Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

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After this week's excellent episode with Christoph Waltz, "SNL" is bringing in Kevin Hart and Macklemore on March 2.


Sylvester Stallone & Robert DeNiro are going to box in a movie.

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I first told you about Grudge Match, a film which would star 66-year-old Sylvester Stallone and 69-year-old Robert DeNiro as two aging boxers coming out of retirement for one last fight,<a href="" target="_blank"> two years ago</a>, when the principals would've been a boyish 64 and 67.

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'Think Like a Man' Recreated From Passive Aggressive Reviews

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There's this game we like to play, where we take a movie we're probably not going to see anyway (because it looks bad or it's clearly not our demo or whatever), and try to experience it through others' eyes, specifically, those of the embittered critics forced to paint us the picture.

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