Danny Granger Rains Terror On Lob City; The Heat Burn The Suns


There isn't a franchise player in the NBA tougher to peg than Danny Granger.


Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 2.16

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Beast of the Night: Josh Smith exploded for 30 points, 17 rebounds, seven assists, four steals, three blocks and two three-pointers last night.


Jeremy Lin Shows Off A New Trick; Two Overlooked Stars Go Crazy

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We knew he could drop buckets and strut around like a much smaller Rick Ross, but last night was the first time those Steve Nash comparisons actually started to make sense.


Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 2.13 (Weekend Recap)

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Weekend Wonder: Kevin Love came up big this past weekend, averaging 32.


Buy Low, Sell High: Fantasy Basketball Week 7

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Buy Low: Derrick Rose has produced just 10 points, five rebounds, six assists and one steal in his last two games.


LeBron Proves He Is The King; Dallas Snatches A Win In Utah

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Oklahoma City didn't play Thursday, but try telling Thunder fans it wasn't a victory.


Video: Kobe Bryant’s Self-Pass off the Glass

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Watch Kobe Bryant hit Kevin Martin with the ol' up-and-under-lefty-self-pass-off-glass-tip-in move.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 12.30

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Beast of the Night: Ty Lawson finished with 25 points, four rebounds, three assists, eight steals and two three-pointers last night in a loss to the Trail Blazers. He shot 63 percent (10-16) from the field, 75 percent (3-4) from the free-throw line and had two turnovers.

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Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 12.29

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Beast of the Night: LeBron James had himself a typically big line to the tune of 35 points, six rebounds, seven assists, three steals and two blocks. He shot 57 percent (13-23) from the field, 100 percent (9-9) from the free-throw line and had two turnovers.


Top 10 NBA Shooting Guards In The Game Today

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The two guard is the most glamorous position in basketball.

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Report: Houston Rockets to Offer Marc Gasol Max Deal

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The Houston Rockets are apparently dying to have a Gasol on their roster.

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The NBA’s Top 10 Worst Floppers

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It's not like flopping is a cultural phenomenon solely owned by the NBA.

Terrence Williams

NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The Houston Rockets

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Despite the fact that Yao Ming is gone from the NBA, the Houston Rockets will be virtually unchanged next season - assuming they can re-sign its only free agent (Chuck Hayes) when the NBA resumes.


The Stricklands: Best NBA Players Who’ve Never Been All-Stars

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Late last week, I saw a tweet from ESPN's Chris Palmer asking the world who the best players in the NBA were who've never made an All-Star game.

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