Looks Like Louisville, Adidas Won’t Be Selling Those Kevin Ware Shirts After All

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adidas decided <a href="">those Kevin Ware t-shirts</a> weren't worth the headache of bad press.


Kevin Ware Did Letterman’s Top 10 List And Said What We’re All Thinking

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Kevin Ware's post-Bloodsport-injury life has been one of turmoil -- <a href="" target="_blank">Louisville selling inspirational t-shirts and keeping the spoils</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">fake Twitter accounts begging people for money</a>, and on and on -- so it's nice to see him up and about and laughing and not howling in agony while his bones fall out.


Is Louisville Exploiting Kevin Ware’s Injury By Selling These Shirts?

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The Kevin Ware injury was undoubtedly one of the most gruesome and emotionally charged moments we'll ever experience during a sporting event.


Dear Twitter, Can You Please Stop This Stupid Sh*t Already? Thanks

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In case you weren’t watching, Louisville Cardinals sophomore guard Kevin Ware suffered a pretty awful injury when he broke his leg during yesterday’s win over the Duke Blue Devils.

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