The World According To Julie J: Underground Cassette Music

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It’s difficult to follow, or even drop something in the same week as 10/17 and Trap God 3, but if any duo could do it, and do it more than successfully, it’s Beat King and Gangsta Boo with their Underground Cassette Tape Music.

Yakki Divioshi

The World According To Julie J: Hit Me On My Beeper

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Southside - Free Agent Mixtape When your expectations aren’t high, then you can’t be disappointed, right.

Tuki Carter

Go Dreamer – “New Age Macks / One Big Bag” Video


Everyone's favorite Weerdo releases a two-for-one visual off his <em>The Outta Here Project</em>.

Two 9

FatKidsBrotha Ft. Key!, Snubnose Frankenstein & Curtis Williams – “Last Two Orgy” Video


Two-9 is well represented in FatKidsBrotha's "Last Two Orgy," and we're more than okay with that because we can't get enough of this crew.


YES: Key & Peele Are Bringing Back The East/West Bowl Player Intro Sketch

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Key & Peele returns on 9/18, so they stopped by Conan and dropped a preview clip of their latest East/West Bowl player intro sketch. Cartoons Plural!


Key! – “She Love Me” Video

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Advocates of any type of gun ban, find something else to watch.


Two9 Feat. Retro Su$h! & Key! – “Stayin True” Video


If there's one thing that the Two-9 collective seems to do well, besides creating dope raps, producing for some of our favorite rappers, and cleverly incorporating black bandanas into their wardrobes, it's "Stayin True" to themselves.

Wavy Wallace

Two-9 – Two-9 Forever Mixtape

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Atlanta is like one of those volcanoes that erupts on the daily, constantly spitting out fresh, groundbreaking music that tends to eventually shift the sound of mainstream music.

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