Keys N Krates – Almost 39 Minutes

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<a href=""> Getting your attention by remixing some of the hottest Hip-Hoppers was a great way to initiate themselves into your ear drums. But make no mistake, <a href="">Keys N Krates</a> are fully capable of rocking the crowd solely off their own recognizance.


Great Drake Videos He Didn’t Even Make

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<a href=""> I <a href="">recently read</a> that Drake is a socially awkward, lip-puckering roody-poo whose best moments happen when he's off camera.


Keys N Krates Are Revamping The Remix

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<a href=""> Let's face it: Hip-Hop perverted and killed the remix. By definition, a remix means to recombine (audio tracks or channels from a recording) to produce a new or modified audio recording. While there's plenty of modifications, there's not much new (or fresh) about commonplace rappers emailing off-topic verses to each other for the hot song of the week. Keys N Krates are looking to adjust your monitors---studio monitors that is, to remind the masses how a proper remix is supposed to be orchestrated. Originating in Toronto, DJ Jr. Flo Matisse and Adam Tune have the boards and breaks covered with their three-man wrecking crew. Preparing for a new mixtape (in the literal sense), check out the number these guys did on one of the year's most memorable Rap&B cuts. <a href="">Drake - "Unforgettable (Keys N Krates Remix)</a> | <a href="">Download</a> <a href=""> And if this <a href="">Donnis jam</a> wasn't already the cause of mass pandemonium, this version is sure to spearhead a few mosh pits.

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