Have Your Coffee Cup And Eat It Too With KFC’s Edible Coffee Cups In The UK

By | 7 Comments

Use your edible coffee cup to wash down your Double Down Dog.


A California Teen Found Chicken Organs In His Meal At KFC And All He Wants Is A Refund

By | 12 Comments

This kid got a bit more than he paid for with his meal at KFC, namely some chicken organs.


Take A Tour Of Some Of The Weirdest Holiday Traditions From Across The Globe


Krampus, Spider Trees, and KFC are only a few of the weird holiday traditions that pop up around the world this time of year.


South Korea’s KFC ‘Zinger Double Down King’ Is The New Sign Of The Foodpocalypse

By | 23 Comments

Just when you thought the Double Down was enough, KFC in South Korea has introduced the Zinger Double Down King with a hamburger patty.


A Woman Spent An Entire Week In KFC After Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

By | 10 Comments

Some people respond to breakups by drowning their sorrows in wine. Others spend seven days inside a Chinese KFC.


People In New Zealand Really Seem To Love KFC

By | 6 Comments

How far would you go for KFC? One town's customers are traveling nearly 50 miles for the Colonel.


KFC Japan’s Fried Chicken Keyboard Is The Prize That No Man Should Ever Win

By | 4 Comments

KFC Japan's fans can register to win a keyboard covered in little fried chicken pieces or a mouse that looks like a drumstick.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

A Chicken Thief Felt So Guilty That She Sent An Apology Note To Kentucky Fried Chicken With Cash

By | 4 Comments

The owner of a Nebraska KFC got a nice apology note from a guilt ridden customer who took more chicken than she needed.


KFC Is Letting The Young Dog Attack Victim Keep $30,000 Despite Its Investigation

By | 7 Comments

Despite the conclusion of two investigations that prove previous claims were false, KFC has let Victoria Wilcher's family keep $30,000.

viral hoaxes

The Story About The Young Girl Being Kicked Out Of KFC May Have Been A Hoax

By | 14 Comments

KFC has turned to a third-party investigator to determine whether or not the 3-year old dog attack victim was in one of its restaurants.

Victoria's Victories

KFC Will Now Pay The Medical Bills Of The Little Girl Whose Injured Face Was Too ‘Scary’ For Customers

By | 10 Comments

A harrowing ordeal for one little girl took a sad turn at a KFC, but they're totally making up for it.


KFC Suspends Worker For Facebooking About Lacing Food With Pubes

By | 6 Comments

When you head the KFC, make sure you be nice and not force the worker to put pubes in your chicken.


Prepare Your Tummy To Welcome Back KFC’s Double Down Sandwich

By | 15 Comments

Chicken breasts in place of bread is as brilliant today as it was in 2010.


Future Heart Attack Patients Rejoice, For KFC Is Bringing Back Your Beloved Double Down!

By | 9 Comments

KFC's is bringing back their 'Double Down' this month, if you didn't get a chance to sample the culinary monstrosity the first time around.


Just In Time For Prom Season, KFC Is Selling Fried Chicken Corsages

By | 7 Comments

Because teenage girls love getting chicken grease all over their prom dress?


Jimmy Kimmel Made The Inevitable ‘Game Of Thrones’/KFC Commercial Mashup

By | 3 Comments

Needs more Hound c-bombs and Lommy questions, but still made fairly great thanks to "Every f*cking chicken in this room."


Colt Cabana Is Arm Wrestling Cliff Compton In A KFC Commercial Because Who Needs WWE Contracts?

By | 16 Comments

Former WWE pro wrestlers are arm wrestling over chicken fingers in a KFC commercial, and "wrestler to chicken spokesman" is the new best career path.


KFC Is Going To Start Selling Fried Soup In Japan

By | 4 Comments

On Thursday, people in Japan will be able to purchase fried soup for a limited time at their local KFC restaurants.

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