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King Mez – “Nightmare” Video

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<a href=""> When your mind starts to drift in an endless abyss of darkness and unlimited terror, your panic meter probably goes into overdrive. And that's exactly the message King Mez wants you receive with his Khrysis-produced fright-inducer off their A King Khrysis EP dropping rather shortly. Flashing lights are generally associated with happy times in the night club but you may be knocked into a state of shock with this one. Follow <a href="">@KingMez</a> on Twitter and visit <a href=""></a>.

talib kweli

Album First Listen: Talib Kweli’s Gutter Rainbows

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<a href=""> Before you splash the cash on Talib Kweli Greene's new album next Tuesday, he and <a href="">Myspace </a>want you to get the full experience via your desktop to prove to you he has quality to earn your support.

Thee Tom Hardy

Actual Proof – The Talented Tenth Mixtape

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<a href=""> In his essay The Talented Tenth, W.E.B. DuBois reasoned that one in ten black men would rise to be leaders in the world & that in turn more classical education would be needed to help them reach their potential. Raleigh, NC duo <a href="">Actual Proof</a>, Sundown & Enigma, are striving to carry on that line of thinking after fittingly meeting at 9th Wonder's Hip-Hop In Context course at N.

talib kweli

Talib Kweli – “I’m On One”

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<a href=""> With "I'm On One," the next leak off his upcoming Gutter Rainbows project, <a href="">Talib Kweli</a> is out to give some advice to the rest of the rappers out there.

Thee Tom Hardy

Rapsody – Return Of The B-Girl x “Imagination” Video

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<a href=""> Gender be damned, Rapsody is a rapper on a mission to smash all stereotypes and judgments. In her latest offering, Return of the B-Girl, she plays the fitting role of Luke Skywalker to prove she can keep up with the best of them. The tape features many recognizable guest stars including Big Daddy Kane, Skyzoo, Rah Digga, <a href="">Phil Adé</a>, and Mac Miller, with 9th Wonder handling the great majority of the behind-the-scenes to guide young Jedi along the journey.

We Got Now

King Mez – “Nightmare”

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<a href=""> Backed by <a href="">Khryris</a> on the keyboards, <a href="">King Mez</a> wants to give all his foes sweaty sheets and clammy skin after stepping into the mic circuit with him.


Truck North Has A Hustler’s Spirit

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<a href=""> Fresh off his stellar appearances on The Roots' How I Got Over, <a href="">Truck Nizzy</a> isn't settling for royalty checks or waiting on the band for his next spotlight.

Not Your Average Joe

Joe Scudda – “Bubblegum Tuna” Video

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<a href=""> Lest ye drunkards forget, Joe Scudda went in 110% for his <a href="">Not Your Average Joe</a> project.


Vandalyzm – “Self-Evaluation (Go In)”

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<a href=""> When I first saw the title to this track I worried that <a href="">Vandazlym</a> was about to jump on the Kid Cudi/Drake bandwagon of sensitive thug emo-rappers.

The Away Team

The Away Team – Independence Day

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<a href=""> With the rest of the <a href="">HOJ</a> in action, I guess these two, Sean Boog & Khrysis aka <a href="">The Away Team</a>, decided to make a move as well.

Statik Selektah

“As Told To…” Joe Scudda’s Not Your Average Joe

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Through no fault of his own, <a href="">Joe Scudda's Not Your Average Joe EP</a> probably won't rank as #1 on his 2010 "Best Memories" list when it's all said and done.

Rapper Big Pooh

“Curtain Call” – Review Of Little Brother’s LeftBack

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<a href=""> In the beginning, there are dreams, fantasies and wishful thinking. The dream of entering the Hip-Hop game with your closest friends seemed all too alluring for many to pass up the smallest of opportunity. There's the fantasy of being able to strike it rich without having to compromise morals, artistic credibility or allegiance to one another as well. For all, that type of wishful thinking only pans out to reality in the movies. Nothing is as it seems, and people, well, they change for better or worse. But best believe, they do change. It was all a dream for Durham, North Carolina's Little Brother. Perhaps boasting one of the biggest underground followings the culture has ever witnessed, the trio of Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh and producer <a href="">9th Wonder</a> achieved the critical acclaim that friends sit up until dawn dreaming about as they accomplished with their first pair of albums.


9thmatic (9th Wonder) & Khrysis – “It’s On” (Produced By DJ Premier)

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<a href="">9th Wonder</a> may have the countriest grammar since Nelly or Lil Troy.


Little Brother – “Curtain Call”

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Phontig takes to <a href="">his Twitter</a> to debut the first release off LB's last hurrah.

Not Your Average Joe

Joe Scudda – “Bubblegum Tuna”

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"That's why I hold it down from summer to summer/your career's like a calender, your days is numbered.


9th Wonder & Khrysis – “Make It Big”

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The first time we used the above pic, the song we decided to use it with, the artist's handlers asked us to pull the track because it was too early for it to be out.

Weirdo Remix Suite 2010

Hollyweerd – Weirdo Remix Suite 2010

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I love <a href="">Hollyweerd</a> because they make music as if they lived by the famed <a href="">Satchel Paige adage</a>, "dance like no one's watching.

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