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Kid Cudi’s Set To Play Ari Gold’s New Assistant In The ‘Entourage’ Movie


I just can’t shake the feeling Cudi and Turtle are about to become best friends.

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Amanda Bynes Wants You To Know That Her Insane YouTube Video Is ‘Perfection’

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Amanda Bynes calls out critics of her bizarre video with an equally bizarre Twitter rant.

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5 Things GOOD Music's 'Cruel Summer' Does Right (And 5 Things It Does Wrong)

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Unless you're unnaturally excited for the upcoming new Aerosmith album, GOOD Music's Cruel Summer is 2012's most anticipated album of the year.

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Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week

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Listen to new songs from Grizzly Bear, Hit-Boy with Kid Cudi, John Cale with Danger Mouse, and more.

Shia Labeouf Is Directing Again — This Time It’s A Kid Cudi Video

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I suppose anything that keeps twatty boy/manufactured movie star Shia Labeouf off of any big screen in my vicinity is a good thing, but his recent turn as a music video director was <a href="">nothing short of an abortion</a>.

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Theophilus London’s ‘Wine And Chocolates’ Is Smooth And Good, Like Wine And Chocolates


If you, as I do, absolutely love Theophilus London, you will absolutely love this song, which has a distinct Kid Cudi sound to it, I also think you will absolutely love this contextually striking video, which documents the beginning and the end of a wild night in a hotel room between Theophilus and a few lovely ladies -- the beginning of the night is shown in black and white, the end is in color.

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Kid Cudi Is Mr. Rager, DAMMIT!


I did not know this prior to today, but Kid Cudi and Machine Gun Kelly -- both natives of Cleveland -- are <a href="">locked in a heated beef </a>over which one of them invented the terms "raging" and "rager.

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